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CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-50CNC)

CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-50CNC) offered by China manufacturer GMACC. Buy CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-50CNC) directly with low price and high quality.
  • GM-SB-50CNC
  • 8462219000

Product Description

SB-CNC Series numerical control single-head pipe bending machine is the product from the combination with our technology and advanced Italian technology, integrated with machine, hydraulic, and electricity. This series adopt VDU touch screen operating panel, which can input, store, and display various bending data and order.

Y, B, C three coordinatesofmotions under precision control by industrial computer can realize full-auto mandrel on or mandrel off rapid bending, CNC machine also with advanced functions, such as components bending springback compensation, errors self diagnose alarm, memory store after power off, automatic lubrication and safety protection.

Pipe bending(C axis), pipe rotating (B axis), and pipe feeding(Y axis) are all drove by closed ring servomotor. Advanced technology, high automation reliability, integrated design all make CNC pipe bending machine the first class pipe processing machine in the world.

Name   Unit Parameter
Max. Bending Capacity mm 50*2
Bending Radius Range mm 20-250
Max. Bending Angle ° 190°
Bending Speed ° /sec 2000
Turning Speed ° /sec 45
Feeding Speed mm/sec 200
Bending Precision ° 1000
Turning Precision ° ± 0.10
Feeding Precision mm ± 0.10
Turning Servomotor Power kW ± 0.10
Feeding Servomotor Power kW 0.75
Though Effective Distance mm 1
System Motor Power kW 5.5
Max. Pressure Kg/cm 17
Oil Pump Delivery Volume L 16
L*W*H (Packaging Dimension) mm 4000*800*1300
  Weight   T 2.5

CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-50CNC)
CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-50CNC)
CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-50CNC)
CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-50CNC)
CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-50CNC)



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