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How do the components of a tube bending machine operate?

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There was a time when China's scientific and technological development was stagnant due to government corruption and foreign aggression, and metalworking was in a backward state. Before liberation, China's industry was already so backward that even tool materials such as high-speed steel and ordinary tools such as twist drills could not be manufactured. After liberation, China's machine tools have also had a long development. 


Nowadays, China's machine tool manufacturing has also largely matured, especially in general machine tools. In the production of pipe benders, we have made new advances in combination with Western technology. Today we would like to introduce the product and bending machine, it is tube bending machine, this article will do a brief analysis and introduction to tube bending machine.


·How does a tube bending machine operate?

·How to operate a tube bending machine?

·The development history of tube bender.


How does a tube bending machine operate?


The roll bending machine works on the simple principle of rolling the sheet metal into the desired barrel, cone, etc. The tube bending machine is compact and easy to maintain and use. It is important to note that the tube bending machine needs to be used with the aid of other equipment.


A hydraulic bending machine as an example, the basic working principle is to apply to bend moment through a reasonable pivot point and force point, so that the steel pipe plastic deformation. To achieve the purpose of cold bending of steel pipes under the mold is located in the front of the bender. By the hydraulic cylinder will be suspended in the frame is floating state using the spreader will be bent from the rear of the pipe bender through the fixture, the upper die into the lower die. The inner tube is loaded into the steel pipe and placed in the center of the upper mold inner tube expansion block propped up against the inner wall of the steel pipe. So that the steel pipe in the bending process to avoid abnormal deformation.


How to operate a tube bending machine?


·Determine the grounding

The machine tool as the core of the bender's components, it must be well-grounded. It is not allowed to access power supply voltages that exceed the specified range, not to plug and unplug plug-ins with electricity, and not to test the control circuit with a megohmmeter, otherwise, the device may be damaged. In addition to this, no private additions or rewiring of PC inputs and outputs are allowed.


·Pre-boot preparation

The pipe bender is driven by high-pressure oil to push the plunger in the working cylinder, generating thrust to bend the pipe through the bending parts. Need to carefully check the oil level of the oil tank to the oil level line, each lubrication point oiling, start the machine to confirm the motor steering, check the oil pump for abnormal sound, check the hydraulic system for oil leakage after starting the machine.


The tube bending machine is simple to operate, but when using it we need to consider the above factors. Any machine requires regular maintenance, and tube bending machines are no exception. We need to regularly clean it, it is recommended that before using the bending machine to check the bending machine's various institutional components are not loose, regular lubrication is very important.


The development history of tube bender.

During the 1980s, tool materials were further developed and the specifications and varieties of carbide and HSS were increasing. The emergence of pipe benders also took shape, although at that time the development of pipe benders remained stagnant due to technical limitations.


The development of social science saw the development of different types of pipe bending machines. Compared to the pipe benders of the past, the pipe benders of today have been greatly improved in terms of quality and efficiency. For the demanding market of tube bending, tube bending machine, Aluminum pipe bender, Hydraulic pipe bending machine is very popular.




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