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How to choose a hydraulic pipe bending machine?

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The industry is the only sector that produces modern means of labour, it determines the speed, scale, and level of modernization of national economies and plays a leading role in the national economies of the contemporary world. The progress of industry has promoted a variety of machinery and equipment, bending machine is a typical representative of them. Today we want to introduce a pipe bender, it is the hydraulic pipe bender. Many people do not know how to choose the right bender, this article will answer your questions.


·How does the hydraulic pipe bending machine work?

·What are the precautions for using a hydraulic pipe bender?

·How to select a hydraulic tube bender?


How does the hydraulic pipe bending machine work?


Hydraulic pipe bender with hydraulic cylinders as a propulsion element, with auxiliary rods on both sides to guide the positioning role. The high-pressure oil output of the hydraulic bender from the electric oil pump is transmitted to the working cylinder through the high-pressure oil pipe, the high-pressure oil pushes the plunger in the working cylinder, generating thrust, this pushing force is used to bend the pipe force.


What are the precautions for using a hydraulic pipe bender?


·Check pressure values

When starting the bender's oil pump, check the bender's system pressure level. Either too high or too low a pressure is not a good thing. Excessive pressure can lead to damage to the bender's hydraulic components and can also consume too much power.


·Adding lubricant

The correct choice of reasonable lubricating oil can improve the physical properties of the hydraulic pipe bender and enhance its efficiency. Check the aging and looseness of the bender's various institutional components before using the bender, and whether it is important to add lubricant.


·Responding to special situations

When using the equipment, the bend can be directly equipped in the pipe path according to the coupling method, in accordance with the orientation of the use of the equipment. For the inside of the arc, wrinkles should be taken according to the wrinkled part of the corresponding measures. If the front cutting point wrinkles should be adjusted mandrel position to achieve reasonable support for the pipe when bending.


In conclusion, the hydraulic pipe bender is simple to operate, but safety issues should not be ignored. Our hydraulic pipe bender takes intelligent system control, so users can be the first to check for hidden dangers via the screen. It is worth noting that the pressure components are easy to achieve serialization, standardisation and generalization, which makes it easy to maintain and promote their use, and it does not have high operating costs.


How to select a hydraulic tube bender?


When choosing a pipe bender to see check the outer surface of the bender, the drawing should be free of bumps, rough unevenness, and depressions. If the surface of the bender is rough, which means that there are problems with its quality. Other than that, if the surface of the hydraulic pipe bender is more obviously bumped, scratched, and rusted, then its overall efficiency cannot be guaranteed. Different types of hydraulic pipe benders have different sizes and models, and they correspond to different scenarios of use. When choosing a hydraulic pipe bender, we recommend referring to the pipe diameter, wall thickness, bending radius CLR and other factors. You can send your requirements directly to us, we can recommend the corresponding models to you.

hydraulic pipe bender

In short, the hydraulic pipe bender is easy to adjust and control, easy to achieve automation. Especially when used in conjunction with electromechanics, complex automatic work cycles can be easily realized. When selecting a hydraulic pipe bender, be sure to choose a well-known hydraulic pipe bender manufacturers, because the pipe bender in the domestic market is not long, so that in order to avoid quality problems. We also provide CNC pipe bending machineAutomatic pipe bending machine.



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