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Pipe Bender Safety Manual

When we operate the pipe bender, we must pay attention to the safety of the machine. In this section, we will show you the safety manual of the pipe bender. If you are interested in the safe operation of the pipe bender, do not miss this page!

Safety Notice for Pipe Bending Machine

(1).Install the machine on hard floor and adjust the level to make the machine stable. In addition, each connecting terminal must be inspected.

(2).Before operation, please add oil and check the oil level of the oil scale. The hydraulic liquid should be not cover half way of the oil scale.

(3).Check the rotation direction of the motor. Please adjust the power connection if the rotation direction is wrong.

(4). Check first if each option switches and angle adjustment is correct before operating. 

(5). To enter into operating space is prohibited while the machine is acting.

(6).The machine must be operated by a special person and the operator must stay in the scope where the EM switch can be touched.

(7). For safety please the machine must be ground, and inspect all function periodically. 

(8). Please turn off the power while unloading the mold.

(9). Please add oil periodically according to requirement in order to insure lubrication. 

(10).To keep the machine and environment clean.

(11). Non professional electrician does not open the electrical box, please turn off the power before opening the electrical box.

(12). To affirm the workload of machine, to stop the operation when the machine is overloading. Otherwise, it will affect the operational life span of machine and is dangerous for operators.

(13). When the machine is not used, please place the machine under normal temperature; make sure the oil scale is empty; put rust preventing oil on dies; cover plastic cloth outside the machine to prevent dust.

(14). The operational life span of machine is mature; please deal with according the local laws.


Tube Bending Machine Safe Operation Procedure

(1). If any safe equipment can’t run or is not effective, it shouldn’t operate the machine. If any safe equipment or the safe guard is destroyed, it also shouldn’t operate the machine.

(2). If there is a fault when the machine is operating, it shouldn’t run the machine, or it will accuse the unsafe of the machine.

(3). If any trouble as following happens during bending the pipe, it must adopt the preventive measures:

a). The pipes isn’t moved or blocked between the tooling during the bending. b). The pipes are in danger condition during the bending.

c). The circular bending is stopped before the circular bending finish, the pipes will be blocked in the machine.

(4). It prohibits that take the pipes by oneself, or asks the others to take the pipes or any tooling. When you operate the machine, don’t try to move the pipes forcefully with any part of the body.

What Potential Dangerous Area does the Pipe Bender Have?

(1). Don’t put the arm in the scope of the torque arm running or between the fixed arm and the torque arm when the machine is running. Or it is possible to hurt!

(2). Don’t put the hands in the scope of the tooling running when the machine is running, or it is possible to hurt.

(3). Don’t stand in the scope of moving and turning the pipes when the machine is running, or it is possible to hurt.

(4). Don’t open the electric box or the control cabinet at will, or it is possible to have the electric shock.


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Safe Protection and Installment for Tube Bender

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Emergency Stop Button

It has emergency stop button on the operation panel and foot switch, you can press the emergency stop button to cut off the electricity when the machine is in the condition of emergency. So it can prevent the danger. After the danger is eliminated, please check if the electric is on before restart the machine.

Safety Protection Board

It has the safety protection board on the side of the torque arm, in the process of the running, when the bending backward, if the people stand or put the arm in this dangerous area, after touching the safety protection board, the safety protection touches the limit switch, it stops running. It has function of protection.

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Do You Know the Safety Signs of Automatic Pipe Benders?

These alarm mark includes the safety items of the machine, in order to avoid the danger!
  • Prohibition-pause

    Prohibition Pause

    When the arm is moving, prohibit the person to pause in the scope of movement!

  • Prohibition-touch

    Prohibition Touch

    When the machine is running, prohibit touching the machine!

  • Be-careful-with-electric-shock

    Be Careful With Electric Shock

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  • Be-careful-with-Extrusion

    Be Careful With Extrusion

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Operation Video of Bending Machine

We are here to provide you with the operating video of the bending machine to facilitate you to have a deeper understanding of our products.

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