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The justifications for using a tube bending machine.

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A pipe bender is a piece of equipment that can be found everywhere in major factories. It is a piece of equipment used to bend pipes and is simple to operate and easy to maintain. There are many advantages, which is why it is favoured by many companies. However, many people do not know the importance of using a pipe bender. Today we will make a brief analysis and introduction to pipe bending machines.


·What is tube bending machine used for?

·How to maintain a roller bender?

·The recommended reasons for choosing our tube benders.


What is tube bending machine used for?


The tube bending machine is used in many applications such as electrical engineering, construction, manufacturing, transport, gas industry, etc. The tube bending machine has been developed over hundreds of years, following the development of the machine tool industry. They are highly automated, efficient and suitable for bending complex space bending parts quickly and precisely. The bending is powered by hydraulic pressure and the steel pipe is pushed forward by the trolley, deformed and bent along the adjusted bending radius at the heating point, and the pipe is cooled by water spray after deformation, thus allowing the pipe to reach the curvature of the bend.


How to maintain a roller bender?


·Adding lubricant

Regularly lubricate the chain and other sliding parts of the pipe bender. The machine should be kept clean, special attention should be paid to the clamping block, slider and other sliding grooves should not have foreign objects to prevent the performance of the bender from being affected.


·Check all parts

Check the parts of the fasteners, so that the place in the fastened condition. At the same time, check the oil pump for abnormal sound, check the hydraulic system for oil leakage after the start of the machine to avoid failure when using.


The tube bender is a combination of CNC technology and traditional tube bending processes that emerged with the development of the machine tool industry. Our range of pipe benders with VDU touch screen operating panels are part of an intelligent system control. In terms of safety, it allows the user to identify risks at first glance via the display. At the same time, the tube bender has a long service life, which is predicated on regular maintenance work.


The recommended reasons for choosing our tube benders.



We have many types of pipe benders, there are many types of pipe benders, including automatic pipe benders, pipe benders, manual pipe benders, electric pipe benders and so on, the operator can choose according to the specific situation. Different types of benders have different features and prices and can be customised according to customer needs.


·High quality

High-precision pipe benders are very popular for markets with high requirements for pipe bending processing. Our products are manufactured to strict standards to ensure that each bender has high precision and a long service life.


In conclusion, although pipe bending machines have a history of hundreds of years of development, they have not been on the domestic market for long due to their introduction. Therefore, in order to avoid quality problems and after-sales disputes with the product, please choose a company with a large reputation.We also have  single-head pipe bending machine,  Universal electric tube bending machine, contact us now!



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