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Pipe bending machine changes life

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With the innovation and development of industrial technology, different types of machinery and equipment began to appear. People's lives have been dramatically changed by the development of industry. At the same time, the development of the pipe bending machine industry is also growing faster and faster. Today, we will give a brief analysis and introduction to pipe bending machines. The importance and advantages of using pipe bending machines will be mentioned in this article.


·The importance of using a Pipe bending machine.

·The working principle of pipe bender.

·The important advantages of Pipe bending machine.


The importance of using a Pipe bending machine.


The bender has many application scenarios, mainly for power construction, public railway construction, boilers, decoration and other aspects of pipe laying and repair. The structure of the bender is simple, easy to operate, in addition to the bending function, but also the cylinder can be used as a hydraulic jack. What's more, the bender is very cost-effective and does not cost much to produce.


The working principle of pipe bender.


Bender by the electric oil pump output of high-pressure oil, through the high-pressure oil pipe into the working cylinder, high-pressure oil to push the plunger in the working cylinder, generating thrust, through the bending parts bend the pipe. Its work mainly relies on kinetic and mechanical energy, without any chemical reaction, not to mention the pollution of the environment.


The important advantages of Pipe bending machine.


·Simplified operation

The pipe bender uses a touch screen with a CNC module for dialogue-based operation. Easy to set up, the operator can see the error messages directly on the screen and detect any safety incidents at first glance.



The bed is structurally sound and not easily deformed. All parts, structures and features of the pipe benders are similar to European mechanical engineering standards and we use very strict workmanship standards to give the bender a long service life.


·High working efficiency

The pipe bender has a powerful, steplessly variable speed. At the same time, it also has a slow positioning function and a stable bending angle. Generally speaking, the price of a CNC pipe bender is higher than that of a hydraulic pipe bender. Under the precise control of the industrial control machine, the Y, B and C movement coordinates can be fully automatic with the mandrel on or off for fast bending. The CNC pipe bender uses power-assisted die change, making die change simple and efficient.


These are the main advantages of the tube bender At the same time, there are still some operational considerations when using the tube bender. For example, before using the pipe bender, the pipe bender must be well grounded and the wire must not be less than 4mm2 copper flexible wire. Do not allow access to more than the specified range of supply voltage, can not use megohmmeter test control circuit, otherwise it may damage the device. In addition, the machine tool should be kept clean, special attention should be paid to the clamping block, slider and other sliding groove should not have foreign objects. We need to clean them regularly to avoid breakdowns and thus the need for more costly repairs. We also provide Single head bending machine, Electric pipe bender, click here right now!



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