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Structure of pipe bending machine

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A pipe bender is a machine that combines machine, hydraulics, and electricity. It has sprung up from the Bronze Age and has gradually taken shape and developed. Today the pipe bender has become one of the essential props in modern industry, not only can it bend pipes, but it can also be used as a jack. In this article, a brief analysis of the pipe bender will be made and basic information about the bender will be presented in this article.


·Basic structure of pipe bending machine.

·The working methods of pipe bending machine.

·The design requirements for pipe bender.


The basic structure of pipe bending machine.


·Structural features

The tube bender uses a touch screen with a CNC module, the intelligent design makes it easy to operate. In terms of functionality, 16 bending angles can be set in each gear and 16 sets of files can be stored in the memory.


·Basic components

The basic components of the tube bender are mainly the alloy core head, IF coil holder, IF coil, outlet holder, auxiliary rod, push plate door, hydraulic opening cylinder, push plate, rear gate, hydraulic lifting cylinder, and so on. In the working process of the pipe bender, the hydraulic cylinder is used as the propelling element with powerful power and stepless variable speed.


These are the main features of the bender, the past manual type bender to the hydraulic bender in recent years, semi-automatic bender, single-headed bender, which is a long development process. With the development of social science, CNC pipe bender was developed. The accuracy of the previous pipe bender can not meet the requirements of the efficiency of the work also costs manpower. Now the CNC pipe bender will change the shape of the past, it is highly efficient and accurate, for the pipe bending processing requirements of the market is very popular. Today's pipe bending machine variety, in various fields has played an important role.


The working methods of pipe bending machine.


The tube bender is powered by a high-pressure oil output from an electric oil pump, which is fed into the working cylinder via a high-pressure oil pipe to generate thrust and bend the pipe through the bending component. The bender's rear bracket and support plate mainly play a role in supporting the cylinder, and to ensure that the horizontal and vertical position of the cylinder is accurate. During the work process, the cylinder advances to push the plate forward, pushing the plate in front of the production pipe is also placed with the advance.


The design requirements for pipe bender.


In terms of design, the pipe bender needs to pursue safety. With its machine tool as the core component, the CNC machine also has advanced features such as component bending rebound compensation and error self-diagnostic alarms. These features are equipped to detect hazards and prevent accidents at all times.


Overall, the pipe bender has the functions required by the bender, in the structure and functional arrangements are more reasonable and complete, and the operating procedures are simple, easy to install, and more widely used, to cope with different scenarios of use. It is recommended that before using the pipe bender check again whether the various institutional components of the bender are loose, whether it is necessary to add lubricating oil, safety guards to check clearly whether normal. We produce Electric pipe bender, Hydraulic pipe bending machine click here right now.



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