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How does a double head bending machine work

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The double head bending machine is a type of pipe bending machine with a new appearance and high work efficiency. However, many people are unaware of the specific operation and workings of the double head bending machine. In this article, a comprehensive analysis of the double head bending machine is presented, and the application and operating notes of the double head bending machine are described.


·The working process of double head bending machine.

·What’s a double head bending machine used for?

·What are the precautions for operating a double head bending machine?


The working process of double head bending machine.


The double head bending machine is a CNC-controlled, easy-to-operate, and flexible tube bending machine. Similar to other bending machines, the bending machine works on a similar principle, with a high-pressure oil pipe fed into the working cylinder, where the high-pressure oil pushes the plunger in the working cylinder, generating thrust and bending the pipe through the bending part.


What's a double head bending machine used for?


The double head bending machine has many applications in electrical engineering, aerospace, automotive, locomotive, motorbike, ship maintenance, petrochemical, gas and many other fields. Our double head bending machines have a robust and deformation-resistant bed structure and are suitable for bending and folding a wide range of materials, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and copper.


What are the precautions for operating a double head bending machine?


·Checking pressure values

Pay attention to adjusting the position of the components of the double head bending machine and the angular requirements, so that the inverted die compression cylinder can tighten the iron pipe. When starting the oil pump to check the bender's system pressure value situation. Too high a pressure will lead to damage to the bender's hydraulic components and will also consume too much power. Too low a pressure value will lead to abnormal start-up and affect the operation. Therefore, we recommend adjusting the pressure with a solenoid relief valve to ensure that the system pressure reaches the required working pressure, which is generally no higher than 12.5Mpa.


·Determining the bending and forming speed

Bending and forming speeds that are too fast can easily result in flattening of the bent part of the conduit and failure to achieve the required roundness, resulting in pulling and cracking of the conduit. At the same time, the speed is too slow, easy to cause the catheter wrinkling and compression block slippage. We recommend that the bending speed of the conduit to determine the maximum bending speed of the machine 20%-40% is appropriate. And double-headed bender on both sides of the speed control respectively, which requires attention.


These are the considerations for operating a double-ended pipe bender, in addition to those mentioned above. The machine should be kept clean, special attention should be paid to the clamping block, slider and another sliding groove should not have foreign objects. Regularly add oil to the chain and other sliding parts, which is also to extend the working life of the double-ended bender. In addition to this, the electrical box of the double-headed bender must be placed in a ventilated place, and it is prohibited to work in dust and corrosive gases. We also have Aluminum pipe bender, Electric pipe bender, contact us now!



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