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plc control automatic pipe bending machine for chairs


Product Description

plc control automatic pipe bending machine for chairs

Features of pipe bender

plc control automatic pipe bending machine interactive PLC touch screen for easy access to automatic and manual operation modes...-

System diagnosis and multi-language function...

Standard clockwise bending direction

Fully hydraulically clamped on the die and die.

Floor type hydraulic clamping device

Automatic pipe bender for chairs with direct-acting hydraulic mould with adjustable speed valve.

A maximum of 100 programs can be stored, and each program can be bent at most 32.

With independent programmable speed Y, B and C axis.

Programmable material rebound setting for bending angle of each automatic tube bending machine for chairs.

The tube is automatically released before the final bend.

The cylinder drives the bent shaft, the servo motor drives the paper feeding, and the servo motor rotates.

Obtain high-quality repeatable bends on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and brass.

The pedal cycle begins.

plc control automatic pipe bender is equipped with air cooling system or water cooling system.

A set of tools for bending.

Wiper mold bracket.

1 spindle rod.

Operation and maintenance manual

plc control automatic tube bending machine toolbox with adjustable tools.

Electricity: as required (three-phase 220V or 380 V or 415V...)



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