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hydraulic fully automatic pipe bending machine for furniture


Product Description

Hydraulic fully automatic pipe bending machine for furniture

Machine characteristics of automatic pipe bending machine for furniture:

GM-SB-50CNC series CNC single-head fully automatic pipe bending machine is a product that combines our technology with Italian advanced technology. The automatic pipe bending machine for furniture is combined with machines, hydraulics and electricity. This series of automatic pipe bending machine for furniture adopts VDU touch screen operation panel, which can input, store and display various bending data, and sort the three motion coordinates of Y, B and C under precise control through industrial computer, which can realize fully automatic The spindle with the spindle turned on or off quickly bends, and the CNC machine tool also has advanced functions, such as component bending springback compensation, fault self-diagnosis and alarm, power-off memory storage, automatic lubrication and safety protection.


1. Question: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

    Answer: We are a manufacturer, established for more than 20 years. We specialize in tube/tube/solid bar bending machines.

2. Q: Where is the nearest airport of your company?

    Answer: Wuxi Airport or Shanghai Airport.

3. Question: How to choose a hydraulic automatic pipe bending machine?

     Answer: You must inform us the following details:

         -Pipe diameter range

         -Wall thickness range

         -Bending radius (center line radius)


         -How many elbows are there on a pipe

         -Detailed drawings if possible

4. Q: What certificate do you have?

     Answer: We have both ISO and CE certificates.

5. Q: How is your service?

    Answer: Pre-sale service:

         1. We will help customers confirm the correct automatic pipe bender for furniture model based on the provided pipeline information.

        2. Before placing an order, welcome to visit our factory to visit our machine and workshop.


     B: After-sales service:

     1. We provide manuals, detailed machine installation, and debugging videos to help you operate the machine correctly. If you need our engineers to go to your factory for automatic pipe bending machine for furniture installation, air tickets, food, hotels, local transportation should be by your side


    2. If there is any problem on the machine, our engineer will first solve it for you through the computer. Most problems can be solved by replacing parts. If it can’t be solved, our engineer can go to your factory to solve it for you. We have rich experience The foreign engineer market.

       For our own-made mechanical parts, we have a large inventory, if you need it, we can send it to you immediately by express.

       For electronic parts, we all use famous brands, and you can buy them conveniently by your side.



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