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Full Automatic Servo Motor Hydraulic Exhaust Pipe Bending Machine


Product Description

Full Automatic Servo Motor Hydraulic Exhaust Pipe Bending Machine

The full automatic servo motor hydraulic exhaust pipe bending machine meets the high processing requirements of today's market. Because our servo motor hydraulic pipe bending machines combine advanced technology with an upgraded hydraulic tube bender servo motor system, they offer high performance and cost-efficiency.

Features of the hydraulic tube bender servo motor: 

1. Applicable tubes: carbon steel, mild steel, soft steel, stainless steel, aluminium, alloy, copper, brass, etc.

2. Applicable tube types: tubes, solid bars, squares, rectangles, ovals, profiles, etc.

3. Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic functions through PLC control.

4. Servo motor controlled rotation to ensure three dimensional bending and efficient work.

5. Equipped with hydraulic clamping tubes and encoder-controlled bending angles with an accuracy of approx. 0.1 degrees.

6. Approximately 200 programmes can be entered into the PLC and then displayed on the dialogue-operated touch screen, which is easy to learn and understand.

7. Various touch screen languages can be selected according to requirements.

8. The use of hydraulic valves and oil circuit boards allows the action to be controlled individually, extending the life of the hydraulic components.

9. The guide module has an auxiliary push function and a repeat and repeat input function to shorten the length of the guide module. 10. Counter function for accurate counting of the number of workpieces and saving of data in case of power on or power off.

11. Automatic lubrication system to protect the parts and prolong the life of the machine.

12. Automatic error detection and limit protection function for easy, fast fault removal or modification.

13. Movable foot switch with automatic start, pause and emergency shopping functions for safety and convenience.

14. Optional function for slow reversal of the iron core.

15. Optional function for slow bending.

16. Optional function for expected mandrel extraction.



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