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Double Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-38B (double head))

Double Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-38B (double head)) offered by China manufacturer GMACC. Buy Double Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-38B (double head)) directly with low price and high quality.
  • GM-SB-38B (double head)

Product Description

1. Characteristics of the machine:
(1)The control system has normal PLC type and contact digital control type.
(2)According to different base frame, it can be divided into standard type and rotary type.
(3)Hand-operated, auto, semi-circulation and other functions can be chosen.
(4)PLC control, imported electric elements. The program can be stored forever, no losing.

(5)Foot switch has auto start, emergency stop, emergency-stop and going on function, it has high safety.
(6)Double head can be used separately.
(7)Three pieces can be bended one times.

3. The main Configuration:
A) Hydraulic systems
Hydraulic motor: Made in Taiwan
Hydraulic Pump, made in Taiwan
Hydraulic Elements, made in Taiwan
Oil way board, made in Taiwan
Cylinder, made in Taiwan
Double-layer laminated steel tubing used legitimately imported Taiwan Datong

B) Electronic parts
Touch screen made in Taiwan
PLC made in Taiwan
Other Electronic, made in Taiwan

Main technical parameters unit GM-DB-38B
Max pipe bending capacity mm 38×2
Bending radius region mm 38~220
Max bending angle region ° 185°
Centre distance of double head mm 170-1450
Main motor power kw 4
Bending speed °/sec 50
Oil flow productivity of the pump L 17
Oil system pressure mpa 14
Clamping traverse mm 50
Pieces of one time bending piece 3
Capacity of oil tank L 120
Machine dimension mm 2700×900×1350
Machine weight kg 2200

Double Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-38B (double head))



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