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CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-76CNC)

CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-76CNC) offered by China manufacturer GMACC. Buy CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-76CNC) directly with low price and high quality.
  • GM-SB-76CNC

Product Description

GM-SB-76CNC automatically bend in the same machine suitable for continuous automatic workpiece complete different direction, a number of different angles of three-dimensional workpieces, using the touch-screen machine operators and industrial computer control procedures, is an efficient, economical automatic pipe bender.

1. Construction Machine
Body by welding, mechanical parts assembly, import hydraulic system, electronic control of imports of fabric to complete.

2. Major performances
Using industrial touch screen, in English mode menu is simple, with high precision, fast, multifunctional and high degree of automation. Each action of machine is controlled by PLC programme control system.

3. The technical parameters
Name Unit GM-SB-76CNC
Max. Bending Capacity mm 76*4
Bending Radius Region mm 30-350
Bending Angle Region ° 0- 190
Max. Through Effective Distance mm 2500
Bending Precision ° ± 0.10
Bending Speed ° /sec 30
Feeding Precision mm ± 0.10
Feeding Speed mm/sec 800
Turn Pipe Precision ° ± 0.10
Turn Pipe Speed ° /sec 160
Motor Power of Oil Pump System KW 7.5
Max. Pressure Kgh/cm\2 16
General Length*Width*Height mm 5000*1200*1350
General Weight T 3.5

4. Configuration
A) linear guide way, made in Taiwan ABBA
Hydraulic system, have adopted a combination of import items
Fuzhou, Taiwan's sole hydraulic motor-source
Hydraulic Pump, made in Taiwan
Hydraulic Elements, made in Taiwan
Oil way board, made in Taiwan
Cylinder, made in Shanghai
Double-layer laminated steel tubing used legitimately imported Taiwan Datong
B) Electronic parts
Touch screen made in Taiwan
PLC made in Taiwan
Servo motor made in Taiwan
Other Electronic, made in Taiwan

CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-76CNC)
CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-76CNC)
CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-76CNC)
CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-76CNC)
CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-76CNC)
CNC Single-Head Bending Machine (GM-SB-76CNC)



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