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double head fully automatic tube bending machine


Product Description

double head  fully automatic tube bending machine

The double head automatic tube bending machine can fully automatically manage the bending (Y), feed (X) and rotation (Z). Bending (Y axis): controlled by servo motor or hydraulic pressure. Feed (X axis): controlled by a servo motor. Rotation (Z axis): Controlled by a servo motor. We only use popular high-quality components in pipe benders produced by companies such as Mitsubishi in Japan, WEINVIEW, JAPAN YUKEN, JAPAN NEIMICOM, SKF and ETC. This affordable fully automatic tube bending machine is an excellent choice for general purpose and any purpose.

1. The bending of the bending servo motor is electrically controlled. We can manufacture double head automatic tube bender according to your requirements, and control the tube bender hydraulically or electrically.

2. Tooling-a complete set of tooling includes: bending die, clamping die, pressure die, collet (CNC), mandrel (optional), wiper die (optional).

3. Safety board-if someone touches the curved arm, the fully automatic tube bender will stop automatically to ensure the safety of workers.

4. Touch screen: operate the machine through the touch screen. You can input all bending data into the touch screen, the PLC receives the touch screen program, and the double head automatic pipe bender will perform the corresponding work according to each requirement.

5. Servo motor feed-electric double head automatic tube bending machine forward or backward. The feeding pipe can only be controlled by a servo motor to ensure the accuracy of the feeding pipe and ultimately the accuracy of the bending pipe. Bending machine

6. Feeding trolley (collet clamp): The feed trolley has the function of feeding pipes forward and backward, rotating pipes of different angles and clamping the pipes. This is a very important equipment for CNC double head automatic pipe bender. 



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