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Ncb Aluminum Spiral Tube Bender with Hot Induction

Ncb Aluminum Spiral Tube Bender with Hot Induction offered by China manufacturer GMACC. Buy Ncb Aluminum Spiral Tube Bender with Hot Induction directly with low price and high quality.
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Product Description

NCB Aluminum Spiral Tube Bender with Hot Induction

Machine Characteristic

Full hydraulic drove, PLC controlled with touch screen or text pipe bending machine, equipped with devices of pipe clamping, guide mould, mandrel, crease-resistant, assist pushing, pipe bending and so on. Under hydraulic operation, this professional, high speed and economic European pipe bending machine can bend various dimension both normal and abnormal shape metal pipes and bending angles are controlled by high precision imported encoder which ensures high precision of this machine.  

Main Technical Parameter


Name Unit  Parameter
Mild steel round tube   mm 114*10
Stainless Steel mm 114*6
Light alloy annealed round tube mm 114*12
Mild steel square tube mm 90*90*8
Mild steel rectangular tube mm 100*50*3
Mild steel round solid bar mm 60
Mild steel square solid bar mm 55*55
Min. bending radius mm 40
Max. Bending radius(Standard) mm 450
Head overhang (on bending centre) mm 500
Head height (on bending centre) mm 720
Bending centre height (from floor)    mm 1235
Max. Bending Angle ° 190°
Through Effective Distance mm 4200
Bending Speed(Max.) °/sec 20
Bending angle Precision ° ±0.10
System Motor Power KW 15
Hydraulic Pump Volume L 45
Max. Pressure Mpa 16
L*W*H (Packaging Dimension) mm 5200*1350*1250
Machine Weight T 5.2


Configuration of Hydraulic and Electronic Control System


Name Manufacturer
Hydraulic Motor Germany Siemens(Beide)/Suzhou Jialifan
Hydraulic Pump YUCI Yuken/Wuxi Tuoli
Hydraulic Valve Japan Yuken(Imported)
Oil way Board Taiwan Shanghong (Imported)
Cylinder Shanghai Qifan
Oil tube Suzhou Kejia
Touch screen Taiwan Weinview(Imported)
PLC Japan Mitsubishi(Imported)
Angle controller Japan Nemicon(Imported)
Switch power Taiwan Mingwei
Contactor German SCHNEIDER(Imported)
Other Electric Parts German SCHNEIDER,Omron, Taiwan SHILIN(Imported)

Ncb Aluminum Spiral Tube Bender with Hot Induction
Ncb Aluminum Spiral Tube Bender with Hot Induction



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