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Motorised Hydraulic Big Steel Tube Bending Machine


Product Description

Motorised Hydraulic Big Steel Tube Bending Machine 

The  hydraulic steel tube bending machine uses an advanced industrial computer controller or colour touch screen.

Motorised hydraulic tube bending machine makes it easy to produce the precision bent parts you need. Motorised hydraulic pipe bender will provide you with modern efficiency. Its most reliable control functions give the factory the most advanced and complete bending technology. Our machines will meet your needs with the highest quality, the highest precision, the highest speed, the highest durability and safety. And we offer you a full range of services.

Features of the hydraulic steel tube bender:

(1) With 3-axis servo motor drive for Y (feeding), B (rotating tube) and C (bending tube).

(2) C-axis (bending tube) servo motor drive concealed and direct drive design.

(3) Fast and accurate. Suitable for automotive or air conditioning industry.



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