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How to maintain a hydraulic pipe bending machine effectively?

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It is customary in society to refer to science and technology together, collectively as science and technology, when in reality they are both closely related and have important differences. The combined progress of science and technology has contributed to the civilised progress of human society.


At the same time, different kinds of industrial products have gradually emerged because of the progress of science and technology, such as pipe bending machines, the working principle of pipe bending machines is not complicated, it uses the kinetic and mechanical energy in science, so that the bend can be made in accordance with the requirements of the complete. Basic information about hydraulic pipe benders will be mentioned in this article, such as the way hydraulic pipe benders are maintained.


·The difference between hydraulic and CNC pipe bending machines.

·The specific methods to maintain a hydraulic pipe bending machine.

·The justifications for using a hydraulic stainless steel pipe bending machine.


The difference between hydraulic and CNC pipe bending machines.


The hydraulic pipe bender and CNC pipe bender are both pipe benders, but there is a huge difference in their working methods and prices. Hydraulic bender drive is mainly by hydraulic oil to drive the piston drive, because the hydraulic oil is less dense, so the internal structure of the piston is very precise. At the same time, the CNC pipe bender unlike hydraulic benders rely on oil pressure to provide bending power, their entire action is dependent on servo motors to provide power. It is understood that the price of a fully automatic pipe bender is many times that of a hydraulic pipe bender, which needs to be decided according to your needs.


The specific methods to maintain a hydraulic pipe bending machine.


·Regular maintenance

Hydraulic pipe bender maintenance must be periodic. It is best to do every working day to clean the machine tool and guide rails of dirt, so that the bed is kept clean. When the hydraulic bender is not applicable, turn off the air source and power supply, while emptying the residual air in the machine tool pipe belt to avoid affecting the efficiency of the bender.


·Add lubricant

Take care to observe the machine before each use of the bender horizontal and vertical rails and rack surface with or without lubricant, so that it is well lubricated. At the same time, carefully check whether the bender's various institutional components appear loose.


The hydraulic bender must be disconnected from the power supply during cleaning and servicing. For any machinery and equipment, regular inspection and maintenance must be periodic, this is in order to troubleshoot in advance to prevent the need for higher costs because of maintenance. In addition, the use of hydraulic pipe bender after a period of time should check the degree of chain tension, to maintain the upper and lower chain tension consistent.


The justifications for using a hydraulic stainless steel pipe bending machine.


The hydraulic stainless steel pipe bending machine is one of our main hydraulic bending machines, which has the advantage of being resistant to corrosion or high temperatures, it also has heat resistance and resistance to high temperature oxidation, has a long service life and is reasonably priced.


The hydraulic pipe bender has a bending function and a bending tool for starting the top, its structure is simple and safe to use. The hydraulic pipe bender is equipped with special safety features that allow the user to avoid any safety problems. What's more, our company has a mature pipe bender production system that guarantees the service life of every pipe bender.



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