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The recommended reasons for using a hydraulic pipe bending machine

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Industrial technology is a set of rational means to achieve certain ends, using the laws of nature. The progress of industrial technology has led to the creation of many machines, such as hydraulic pipe bending machines, which play a vital role in many scenarios, mainly for the installation and repair of pipes in factories, warehouses, docks, buildings, railways, cars, etc. In this article we will briefly describe the recommended reasons for using a hydraulic pipe bending machine, taking into account the characteristics of hydraulic pipe bending machines.


·What’s a hydraulic pipe bending machine?

·The features of a hydraulic pipe bending machine.

·How to use a a hydraulic pipe bender?


What's a hydraulic pipe bending machine?


The hydraulic pipe bender is a new type of tool with bending function and topping function. Its application range is very wide, it is a kind of pipe bender. Like the pipe bender, in addition to bending pipes, it can also be used as a screw jack.


The features of a hydraulic pipe bending machine.


·High working efficiency

Hydraulic pipe bending machine manufacturers are very strict about the quality of their products. As a result, our hydraulic pipe bending machines are characterised by their durable construction and long service life. hydraulic pipe bending machines are powered by hydraulic cylinders as propulsion elements and have infinitely variable speed.



The hydraulic pipe bending machine is of all-steel welded construction with sufficient strength and rigidity. For example, hydraulic stainless steel pipe bending machines can work in a variety of environments and are corrosion resistant. The stainless steel of our products has high strength and hardness and is suitable for the manufacture of corrosion-resistant and highly wear-resistant parts.


The hydraulic pipe bender has a reasonable structure, safe to use, easy to operate, a machine multi-purpose and many other advantages. The basic working principle of the hydraulic pipe bender is to determine the reasonable pivot point and force point and apply bending torque, so that the steel pipe plastic deformation, so as to achieve the cold bending of the steel pipe.


How to use a a hydraulic pipe bender?


·Front inspection

It is recommended that the bending machine is checked before use to see if the components are loose, whether it is necessary to add lubricant, safety guards to check whether it is normal to avoid safety accidents.


·Specific steps

Spinning the cylinder into the internal threads of the square file block, the cylinder rear end mounted on the support of the wheel down. Choosing the die head according to the outer diameter of the tube to be bent, the corresponding slot of the two rollers will be towards the die head. Then put into the splat hole, insert the bent tube into the slot, and then pull back the quick coupling moving part of the high pressure oil pipe end. The pipe to be bent will be placed on the working cylinder connector, turn on the electric oil pump to bend the pipe. In the process of operating the pipe bender, you need to observe the screen to see if any abnormal information appears.


In summary, it is simple to operate the hydraulic pipe bender including hydraulic NC tube bending machine, semi auto hydraulic tube bender but we still need to pay attention to some safety matters. In the working process, also pay attention to adjust the position of the bender parts and angular requirements, so that the inverted die compression cylinder can tighten the iron pipe, to avoid the hydraulic pipe bender efficiency is affected. 



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