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Advantages of pipe bending machine

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With the innovation of industrial technology, various types of machinery and equipment began to appear. Mechanical products provide the industry with the necessary technical equipment to fulfil different industrial requirements. The machine we are introducing today is the pipe bending machine, the basic information about which will be highlighted in this article. For example, the advantages and working principle of the pipe bending machine.


·What's a pipe bending machine

·The working principle of pipe bending machine.

·The main advantages of pipe bender.


What's a pipe bending machine?


The pipe bending machine is a combination of machine, hydraulics and electricity. The series features a VDU touch screen operator panel, which allows you to enter, store and display various bending data and sequences, making it easy to use and quick to operate. Meanwhile, pipe bending machine has a wide range of applications, mainly for electric power construction, public railway construction, boilers, bridges, decoration and other aspects of pipe laying and repair.


The working principle of pipe bending machine.


The working principle of the pipe bending machine is mainly a combination of hydraulic and electric power. The high pressure oil output from the electric oil pump is fed into the working cylinder via the high pressure oil pipe. The high pressure oil pushes the plunger in the working cylinder, generating thrust and bending the pipe through the bending part.


Hydraulic pipe bender as an example, this bender uses a turbo gearbox drive, rolling back and forth forming bending, bending radius adjustable size, suitable for large radius bending or rolling round. It is worth noting that when using a pipe bender, the size of the bending radius of the conduit determines the size of the resistance of the conduit in bending and forming. Large diameter pipe bending radius is small, bending is prone to internal wrinkles and slippage, bending quality is difficult to ensure that


The main advantages of pipe bender.



The tube bender has high safety features such as component bending springback compensation, error self-diagnostic alarms, storage after power failure, automatic lubrication and safety protection. All these features ensure the safe use of the tube bender.


·Easy to operate

The tube bender uses a touch screen with a numerical control module for dialogue-based operation and easy programming. Our range of tube bending machines uses a VDU touch screen operating panel, which allows the three movement coordinates, Y, B and C, to be fully automated for fast bending with an open or closed mandrel, under the precise control of an industrial control computer, with very high efficiency.


·Robust exterior

In order to enable the tube bender to achieve long-term stable work, we pursue solidity in the design of the bed structure, which is not easily deformed.


These are the main advantages of the pipe bender, for each bender, we have strict quality requirements. The pipe bender is a multifunctional prop, for more information about our products, please follow our company. The bender has the advantages of reasonable structure, safe use, easy operation, reasonable price, fast loading and unloading, multi-purpose and so on, occupying a large share of the domestic hydraulic pipe bender market. We also provide digital pipe bending machine, stainless steel pipe bending machine, just follow us!



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