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Working principle of pipe bending machine

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No matter what kind of machinery and equipment, there are almost all pipes for oil, gas, liquid, etc., and they occupy a very important position in aircraft and their engines. The variety, quantity, and complexity of various catheters have brought many difficulties to the processing of catheters. So it is important to know the working principle of the pipe bender.


- Working principle of pipe bending machine

- Crafting process of roller bending machine

- Control process of tube bender



Working principle of pipe bending machine

The pipe bender is mainly composed of mechanical devices, hydraulic systems, etc. The mechanical device mainly consists of a clamping device, a trolley propulsion device, a guide wheel device and a rocker arm rotation device.


Its working principle is to advance the roller pipe machine at a constant speed, and make the steel pipe machine walk along a preset track to form a bend with a fixed radius of curvature and angle. First install the steel pipe in place, and adjust the bending radius through the lead screw nut transmission device on the rocker arm slewing device to obtain the required elbow pipe fittings. Features: The bent tube has small deformation, small wall thickness difference and no stress. The bending radius can be adjusted from 0 to 1800.


Crafting process of roller bending machine

The research work of this subject is mainly to analyze and mathematically model the control system of the pipe bender according to the process flow of the pipe bender, determine the control algorithm suitable for the system, and complete the combination of theory and practice.


Due to the different materials of the pipes, the large differences in pipe diameter, wall thickness, bending angle, etc., the relationship between the heating temperature of the intermediate frequency power supply and the advancing speed of the elbow is different, and the setting of various process parameters is also more complicated. Whether the parameter setting is appropriate or not will greatly affect the various mechanical properties of the elbow, so it should be based on the working conditions


The different parameters are selected to control the quality of the pipe bender. Secondly, on the basis of a good understanding of the pipe bending machine system and pipe bending process, according to the actual situation, complete the selection of hardware equipment.


Control process of tube bender

According to the simple process flow of the pipe bender, we can write the flow chart of the software programming of the tube bender. According to the flow chart, the software program can be well written to make the pipe bender control better, more accurate and precise, and produce The qualified elbow comes. The following is the programming process of the pipe bending machine.




① Motor start


② Place steel pipe radius adjustment


③ Tube and propulsion device fixed


④ Propelling steel pipe at a constant speed


⑤ Whether to reach the set position


⑥ Whether it meets the requirements of the elbow


⑦ Clamp loosening and unloading


⑧ End of elbow


⑨ End


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