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Why do we need a pipe bending machine?

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Now with the vigorous development of the processing industry, the demand for tube bender is growing, because of its high efficiency, processing capacity than the other general pipe bender, precision than the general accuracy of the bender.


• The importance of using a pipe bending machine

• How to confirm the working ability of the pipe bender

• The future development trend of pipe bender


The importance of using a pipe bending machine

You may think that pipe bending is a rare necessity, but it is a way of common necessities in our daily lives. Whether in your car or in a playground for children, or even a safety railing in a shopping mall, you can see the bend. However, in order to mold into various shapes and patterns, these hard metals will require tools. Thus, there is the application of pipe bender. With it, we can bend various pipes into required shapes and processes.


Steel bending machine has existed for a long time. Over the years, through continuous adjustment and improvement, there are now several types of pipe benders on the market. Due to the continuous development of the pipe fitting industry, the pipe bending machine can now bend many shapes and different sizes, and can also adapt to today's current demand. These pipe benders can meet your requirements according to your project and purpose. Each project may require different methods, and may even be different pipe bender operation modes, operating speeds, and the effectiveness and reliability of each equipment.


Metal materials commonly used for bending shapes are aluminum, copper and tin. The harder and thicker the metal, the more it is necessary to use a specialized tube bender to bend the pipe.


How to confirm the working ability of the pipe bender


The roller bending machine is driven by a turbine gearbox, the wheel mold rotates during the pipe bending process, and the bend is shaped at one time with the layering to ensure the uniformity of the bending radius. It is economical and practical to bend round pipes of different diameters, square pipes, and rectangular pipes. The profile bending machine is divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. According to different shaft arrangements, it can also be divided into up-adjusting and down-adjusting. It is bending aluminum alloy profiles, flat steel, square steel, round steel, angle steel, I-shaped steel, H Advanced machines for profiled steel, square tube, rectangular tube, round tube, etc. After getting to know the pipe bender, do you know how to confirm the working ability of the pipe bender?


1. The pipe bender adopts touch screen plus numerical control module, dialogue operation, simple program setting;


2. The bed structure is stable and not easy to deform;


3. Each file can set 16 elbow viewpoints, and the memory can store 16 sets of files; 4. All are slow, the elbow viewpoint is stable, and the repeatability is +0.19;


5. The error message appears on the screen to help the operator to clean it immediately;


6. Provide self-developed coordinate transformation elbow processing value, and the software can be installed on the desktop computer to modify the accounting


The future development trend of pipe bender

Forging equal volume forming equipment and sheet metal processing equipment have developed in parallel, presenting a scene of complete specifications, rapid growth in quantity, and continuous application of emerging products and technologies. The overall technical level and numerical control rate of products continue to increase, and a large number of exports have been achieved. The needs of my country's economic development.


In terms of pipe processing equipment, due to the rapid increase in the use of roller bending machine, the market for pipes is very large. The furniture industry, sports equipment, boiler industry, automobile industry, exhaust pipes, etc., have grown rapidly in terms of specifications, varieties, and quantities. Rapid improvement, basically meeting domestic market demand. The pipe processing and bending machine equipment required by these daily-use products, industry and commerce, etc. can basically meet the needs of the market.


Mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, pipe benders, hydraulic pipe benders, metal circular saws, pipe shrinking machines, and other pipe processing equipment have made significant progress in processing accuracy, reliability, technical indicators, energy saving and emission reduction, and agreeability. New product development capabilities and market competitiveness are greatly improved.


The rapid development of power generation equipment, aerospace, vehicles, etc. has greatly promoted the development of roller bending machine processing equipment. The pipe bending machine equipment, especially the automatic pipe bending machine, has a very important position in the aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, and vehicle industry. Moreover, the equipment technology of the pipe bender will continue to be refreshed. Zhangjiagang King-Macc Machinery Manufacturing Company can provide you with the best products.We provide Chamfering Machine, Pipe Cutting Machine.



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