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What is the meaning of pipe bending machine

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Pipe bending machine is a product that can dominate the domestic market and can be divided into digital pipe bending machine, hydraulic pipe bending machine and so on. It has a wide range of applications, factories, warehouses, docks, construction, railways, automobiles and other press-fit pipes and repairs. However, many people are unaware of the importance of using pipe bending machine. This article will provide a brief introduction to the pipe bending machine, combining the advantages of the pipe bending machine with operational considerations.


·What is the pipe bending machine used for?

·The main characteristics of pipe bending machine.

·How to operate a pipe bender?


What is the pipe bending machine used for?


The tube bender is a highly intelligent, electronic machine that combines machine, hydraulics and electricity. The working principle of the pipe bender is not complicated, the high pressure oil output from the electric oil pump, sent into the working cylinder via the high pressure oil pipe, the high pressure oil pushes the plunger in the working cylinder to generate thrust to bend the pipe through the bending parts. In addition to the bending function, the oil cylinder can also be used as a hydraulic cylinder jack.


The main characteristics of pipe bending machine.


·Intelligent operation

The tube bender uses a touch screen and a CNC module. The dialogue-based operation allows for easy programming.



The bender is structurally sound and not easily deformed. But this does not mean that we can use the bender at will, in the process of using it can not be hit with hard objects. In addition, the degree of deformation of the pipe, depending on the relative bending radius R / D and relative thickness t / D value of the size, R / D and t / D value is smaller, indicating that the greater the degree of deformation, this parameter requires attention.


These are the main advantages of the bender, in addition to the above mentioned features, the bender has the advantages of small size, high efficiency, no noise, compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance, easy to install and use. So many advantages make it the primary choice for many companies.


How to operate a pipe bender?


·Safety attention

When using the pipe bender, the machine must be well grounded, do not allow access to power supply voltage beyond the specified range, can not plug and unplug plug-ins with electricity, can not test the control circuit with a megohmmeter, otherwise the device may be damaged. In addition to this, when plugging and unplugging the plug-in, it is not possible to pull the wire or cable to prevent welding pull-off.


·Operational attention

During the work of the pipe bender, all personnel are prohibited from entering the space swept by the rotating arm and pipe fittings. In addition, the position of the bender near the switch, its encoder and other hard objects can not be used for impact, in the process of operation can not be used sharp objects collision display unit, the electrical box is best placed in a ventilated place, prohibit the work in the dust and corrosive gases, the above measures are to avoid affecting the performance of the equipment. We are hydraulic pipe bending machine manufacturner, we produce automatic pipe bending machine, electric pipe bending machine.



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