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What is the hydraulic pipe bending machine applications?

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The hydraulic pipe bender is a precision piece of equipment that has a very strict production process. With the development of the times, there are more and more types of pipe benders, and today the manufacture of pipe benders has become an industrial system of a mature degree. Today we want to introduce while the product is a hydraulic pipe bender, information about the application of hydraulic pipe bender will be introduced in this article. At the same time, we will also introduce some of the factors that affect the use of pipe bending machines, which are waist pack considerations.


·Where can a hydraulic pipe bending machine be applied?

·The working methods of hydraulic pipe bending machine.

·Factors affecting the use of hydraulic pipe benders.


Where can a hydraulic pipe bending machine be applied?



As one of the key industries supported by the state, in recent years the government has invested a lot of money in the research and development of large passenger aircraft for the aerospace industry. The main function of the hydraulic bender is used to bend aerospace components, but due to the precision of aerospace equipment. The aerospace field has high requirements for the precision and quality of the bending machine.


·Construction industry

The construction industry is also one of the areas where hydraulic benders are used the most. Because the bender is not used to bend pipes, but also as a jack. Generally speaking, the interior decoration in the construction industry and all industries using metal materials need to be bent by a hydraulic pipe bender.


·Power engineering

In the context of the global resource supply becoming tighter day by day and the continuous rise in oil prices, etc., the demand for power generation equipment has become more and more evident, and the cost of the bender part of the manufacturing process of power generation equipment is very considerable. In particular, the hydraulic cnc pipe bender is the most expensive, as it relies on servo motors to power its entire movement.


In conclusion, hydraulic benders have a wide range of applications, from construction to aerospace engineering, from power to petrochemical. It can be considered that hydraulic pipe benders are used everywhere. Depending on the application, GMACC offers different hydraulic pipe bending machine prices, so that users can choose according to their needs.


The working methods of hydraulic pipe bending machine.


The transmission of the hydraulic pipe bender is mainly dependent on hydraulic oil to drive the piston transmission, the high-pressure oil output by the electric oil pump, through the high-pressure oil pipe into the working cylinder, thus producing the force, making the pipe bending.


Factors affecting the use of hydraulic pipe benders.


·Material saving

The main job of the hydraulic bender is to turn the material into the part to be used. But in the process of using materials, some hydraulic benders are very costly to use, whether the material savings affect the use of hydraulic benders.


·Operability factors

The operation of the hydraulic bender needs to be simple because the operational performance of the bender is also related to the production of manpower and technical input, all operating bender personnel must be professionally trained to avoid affecting the accuracy and efficiency of the equipment. At the same time, this is also for safety considerations.


These are the main factors affecting the use of hydraulic pipe benders and the hydraulic pipe bender prices. Before buying a hydraulic pipe bender, hydraulic cnc tube bender, hydraulic square tube bender we need to make different choices according to the specific use scenario. Only in this way can the maximum function of the hydraulic pipe bender be brought into play.



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