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Use of pipe bending machine

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Nowadays, the industry is developed. No matter what kind of machine equipment, fitness equipment, furniture, etc., There are almost structural steel pipes and oil pipes for oil, gas, fluid infusion, and they occupy a very important position in fitness equipment. The large number of various tube types and their complex forms have brought many difficulties to the processing of catheters.


- Safety precautions for tube bender operation

- Steel bending machine operating procedures

- Regularization of pipe bending machine



Safety precautions for tube bender operation


1. When the machine tool is started, be careful not to enter the swept range of the rotating arm.


2. When the machine tool is working, all personnel are prohibited from entering the space swept by the boom and pipe bender fittings!


3. The hydraulic system of the roller bending machine tool adopts YA-N32 ordinary hydraulic oil (formerly No. 20), which should be replaced once a year under normal circumstances, and the oil filter must be cleaned at the same time.


4. When adjusting the machine tool (mold), the adjuster should press the button to adjust. Never make adjustments by one person on the machine and the other on the control cabinet.


5. The core rod should be removed when adjusting the machine tool or driving an empty car.


6. The pressure of the hydraulic system should not be greater than 14 Mpa.


7. When manually adjusting the speed of the side push cylinder, the rotating arm should be adjusted when it is rotated to ≥900. The adjustment speed is synchronized with the linear speed of the edge of the rotating elbow mold. It is forbidden to push the side pushing faster than the line of the edge of the rotating mold in the manual state. speed.


8. After using the general machine for a period of time, check the tightness of the chain to keep the upper and lower chains tight.


9. During automatic operation in the core bending mode, before the pipe bending arm returns, the operator must ensure that the core head is in the tube, or ensure that the core shaft is not blocked when the bending arm returns, otherwise, the core head or core rod may be Bend or break.


10. After the work is over, cut off the power supply and do a good job of cleaning and lubricating.


Steel bending machine operating procedures


1. The machine tool must be well grounded, and the wire shall not be less than 4mm2 copper soft wire. It is not allowed to connect to a power supply voltage exceeding the specified range, plug-ins can not be plugged in and out of the plug when power is on, and the control circuit cannot be tested with a megohm meter, otherwise the device may be damaged.


2. When plugging and unplugging the connector, do not pull the wire or cable to prevent the welding from pulling off.


3. Proximity switches, encoders, etc. cannot be hit by hard objects.


4. Do not hit the display unit with sharp objects. .


5. The electrical box must be placed in a ventilated place, and it is forbidden to work in dust and corrosive gases.


6. It is not allowed to install or change the PC input and output terminals without authorization.


7. When changing the power supply of the machine tool, the motor rotation direction must be reconfirmed.


8. The roller bending machine tool should be kept clean, and special attention should be paid to that there should be no foreign matter in the sliding grooves such as clamping blocks and sliding blocks.


9. Lubricate the chain and other sliding parts regularly.


10. The power must be disconnected during cleaning and maintenance.


11. Preparation before driving: Check whether the oil level of the fuel tank reaches the oil level line, add oil to each lubrication point, turn on the machine to confirm the rotation of the motor, check the oil pump for abnormal sound, and check whether the hydraulic system is leaking after turning on the machine (the angle encoder is not allowed Come on);


12. Pressure adjustment: use electromagnetic overflow valve to adjust the pressure to ensure that the system pressure reaches the required working pressure, generally not higher than 12.5 Mpa.


13. Mold adjustment: mold installation requires mold and clamping block to be centered, clamping block can be adjusted with bolts; booster block is centered with mold, booster block is adjustable; core head is centered with mold, loosen core head frame Bolt, tighten the bolt after adjusting the center.


Regularization of pipe bending machine


When designing and arranging pipe benders, avoid excessively large arcs, arbitrary curves, compound bends and greater than 180. The arc. The excessively large arc not only makes the tooling bulky, but also is limited by the size of the pipe bending machine: the design of arbitrary curves and compound bending is very unreasonable, which greatly hinders mechanization and automated production, making it difficult for operators to get rid of heavy manual labor; Greater than 180. The arc makes the steel bending machine unable to unload the mold.


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