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The value of pipe bending machine

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With the development of society, the demand for various types of tube bends in all walks of life will increase rapidly, and the requirements for tube bending accuracy will become higher and higher. All this prompts people to conduct in-depth research on tube bending processing technology and processing equipment. . The United States, Britain, Japan, Germany and other industrialized countries have developed computer numerical control (CNC) pipe bending processing equipment. At the same time, they have funded theoretical and experimental research on roller bending machine processing technology, and achieved good economic benefits in practical applications.


- Overview of the steel bending machine

- Development history and trend of pipe bender

- The future development trend of tube bender



Overview of the pipe bender

There are many methods for pipe bending, and accordingly there are different pipe bending equipment. Among various methods, bending is the most commonly used pipe bending method, and the most commonly used equipment for bending is a pipe bender. Therefore, the steel bending machine is the main equipment for pipe bending processing.


There are many structural forms of pipe benders. According to whether the pipe is heated or not, it can be divided into two types: cold pipe bending machine and hot pipe bending machine. According to the transmission mode, it can be divided into manual, pneumatic, mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission. There are four modes: manual control, semi-automatic, automatic and numerical control. The mechanical transmission type pipe bender has simple structure, convenient manufacture and great versatility. The hydraulic pipe bender has a stable, reliable transmission, low noise, compact structure, and can bend pipes of different diameters. Semi-automatically controlled pipe benders generally only automatically control the bending angle, and are mainly used for small and medium batch production. The automatic control pipe bender implements automatic control of the whole pipe bending process (feeding, pipe bending and space corner) through the size preselection mechanism and program control system. This kind of pipe bender generally adopts hydraulic transmission and is suitable for mass production. The CNC pipe bending machine can realize automatic control of the tube bender process by inputting data according to the procedures and dimensions specified in the part drawing. It is suitable for mass production, especially when the pipe size parameters are changeable."


The future development trend of pipe bender

With the continuous development of science and technology, the types of pipe bending machines are becoming more and more diversified, and the pipe bending performance is also greatly improved.


The application of type computer, single chip microcomputer, programmable controller, advanced AC servo system and new hydraulic components and hydraulic technology make the function of the tube bender more perfect. The CNC pipe bending machine will be the main equipment for modern pipe bending.


Development history and trend of pipe bender

In the construction of large-diameter long-distance pipelines abroad, the United States has been using vertical hydraulic (ie vertical) pipe benders since the 1960s, which can bend steel pipes of various wall thicknesses from 152.4 to 762m (6 to 30 inches). After the 1970s, the performance of the cold bending machine was further improved. At the same time, the bending tube inner tube was successfully developed. It can be used with the cold bending machine to bend thin-walled, high-strength, large-diameter oil and gas pipeline steel pipes, with a maximum bend diameter of 1524mm (60 inches). The cold roller bending machine developed by the former Soviet Union basically began in the 1960s, and its function is similar to that of the American machine. However, because the hydraulic system of the main machine adopts a horizontal structure, the plane occupies a large space, and there are great difficulties in transportation and site layout. At present, there are nearly 10 cold-bending machine manufacturing plants in developed countries such as the United States, Canada and Germany. The basic structure of the models produced are all vertical hydraulic types, and the inner tube types mainly include pneumatic and hydraulic types. The advantages of the pneumatic inner tube are the fast walking speed and the high efficiency of bending pipe prefabrication, but it needs to be equipped with an additional air compressor, and the system has poor working stability and is difficult to control. With the help of the hydraulic station of the whole machine, the hydraulic inner tube has a compact structure and a stable and reliable hydraulic transmission, which can ensure that the pipeline does not undergo elliptical deformation during the prefabrication process."


In addition, with the continuous development of science and technology, the types of pipe benders have become increasingly diversified, and the pipe bending performance has also been greatly improved. In particular, the application of microcomputers, single-chip microcomputers, programmable controllers, advanced AC servo systems, new hydraulic components and hydraulic technology has made the functions of traditional pipe benders more perfect. CNC tube benders will replace traditional pipe benders. Become the main equipment of modern pipe bending. Zhangjiagang King-Macc Machinery Manufacturing Company can provides the satisfied tube bending to the customers according to the accumulated designing experience and more experiments. Our products including Saw Blade Sharpener, Chamfering Machine.



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