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How do you use a pipe bending machine

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Pipe bending machine is an important modern curved plastic processing equipment, which is based on the vector theory, using computer control, to complete any space for the three-dimensional tube to meet users requirements. It is very important to know the correct use of a roller bending machine.


- Operation mode of pipe bender

- Tips of using for tube bender



Operation mode of pipe bender

One: Boot up


1. Check the voltmeter on the transformer (380V and 220V)

2. Check the barometer (0.4--0.6) Mp on the triplet. How to adjust the barometer: lift the black knob just above the triplet, clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the air pressure.


Two: Manual


1. Reset and return to origin

Methods as below:

a. Click the reset button in the lower left corner for 3 seconds-point feeding-point forward 2 seconds-point elbow-point forward 2 seconds-point origin. Straight. The red ready word appears right above, indicating that the origin is returned to completion. If not ( the trolley and the pipe bender do not move), please repeat the process until the word ready appears.

2. Replace the mold

a. There are four kinds of molds, namely: round mold, sliding mold, clamping mold and clamping jaw

b. Install the molds to the corresponding positions under the manual interface, and ensure that they are on the same center line.

Note: Ensure that the material cannot be pulled or rotated in the clamping mold and the clamping jaws; the special attention should be paid to one- Be sure to do it independently.


Three: Programming

1. Click programming in the upper right corner to enter the programming interface;

2. Click New directly below-click Save with the bottom corner-enter the file name of the product and confirm-click yes;

3. Click XYZ in the lower left corner-point increase-input the XYZ coordinate value of the first line-point increase-input the XYZ coordinate of the second line... until all the coordinate values are entered, click the upper left corner of the punch radius, Enter the R value of the mold (that is, the size of the R angle);

4. Click the conversion in the lower left corner, check the Y value and C value in the program (note that the Y value cannot be negative, and the C value cannot be greater than the maximum angle of the circular mold)

5. Click the preview in the lower right corner to see whether the 3D drawing processed by the program is similar to the drawing or sample.



Four: manual

1. Click Manual on the right to enter the manual interface;

2. Click the feeding switch directly above, pull down the cart with your hand until the upper jaw of the trolley touches the round mold, then gently push the small


Five: parameters

1. Click the parameter on the right to enter the parameter interface;

2. Click the table below the circular mode interference stop, enter the A value just noted-point confirmation; click the table below the sliding mode interference stop, enter the B value just noted-click confirmation;

3. Click programming in the upper right corner to enter the programming interface; click save in the lower right corner-click confirm-click yes;


Six: automatic

1. Please enter the set output

2. Click to run until the equipment runs

3. When the program appears round mold interference in the process of running, please do not jog the automatic interface, write down the value a in the second table in the upper left corner, write down the value b in the actual feeding position table.

4. Click programming on the right to enter the programming interface, click save in the lower right corner-click confirm-click yes; click manual-click reset for 3 seconds-click automatic-click run, (see if it is running normally. If not, please increase the g value , To ensure that the maximum value is within 30, repeat the 4 process)


Tips of using for tube bender

Inspect the produced product to see if it is qualified (if it is unqualified, please modify it in the programming: Y stands for length; B stands for rotation; C stands for angle), until the produced product is qualified. Then Click Manual-click shutdown on the right corner, when the screen appears black or blue, the power can be turned off.


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