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Wide application of pipe bending machine

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The pipe bender is a very common piece of industrial equipment that has been developed over many decades and is a mechanical product that combines Chinese and Western technology. Today, we will give a brief introduction to the pipe bender, about its applications and operational considerations will be mentioned in this article.


  • The main function of pipe bending machine.

  • The pipe bending machine applications.

  • How to operate a pipe bender?


1. The main function of pipe bending machine.


  • Folded pipes

Folding pipe is the biggest function of the pipe bender, our pipe bender uses hydraulic, electric and other ways to bend the steel pipe bending electronic equipment has a reasonable structure, convenient operation and other characteristics.


  • Jack

Jack is mainly used in factories, mines, transportation and other departments as vehicle repair and other lifting, support and other work. In the process of placing the jack, keep the load centre of gravity line of action and the jack axis, jacking process to prevent the risk of skewed, tilted jack due to the jack foundation or load level displacement.


Obviously, the pipe bender can also be used as a jack in addition to bending pipes. The tube bender series features a VDU touch screen operator panel which allows various bending data to be entered, stored and displayed in sequence. The high efficiency and low noise level of the bending machines are due to the many industrial innovations that have taken place.


2. The pipe bending machine applications.


The tube bender has a wide range of applications, the main application is aerospace, automotive, locomotive, motorbike, ship, petrochemical, electric power, natural gas, nuclear industry, boilers, vehicles, sporting goods and other pipe fittings bending processing equipment. Because of the ease of operation and the lack of any chemical reaction, pipe benders are seen in any large manufacturing industry.


3. How to operate a pipe bender?


  • Regularisation of tube shapes

Design and line up the tube to avoid greater than 180 ° arc. Because too large an arc not only makes the tooling bulky, but also limited by the size of the bender machine.


  • Control the bending radius

The size of the bending radius of the conduit determines the size of the resistance of the conduit when bending and forming. Therefore, the general choice of bending die R value for the pipe diameter of 2-3 times as good.


  • Control of bending and forming speed

Bending and forming speed can not be too fast or too slow. Speed is too fast, easy to cause the flattening of the bent part of the conduit, resulting in the pulling and cracking of the conduit. Conversely, if the speed is too slow, it is easy to cause wrinkling of the conduit and compression block slippage, and the large diameter of the pipe is easy to form the sagging of the bent part of the conduit, thus damaging the pipe.


  • Note before operation

The tube bender must be well grounded, when plugging and unplugging connectors, can not pull the wire or cable to prevent welding pull off.


The above are the main operating steps of the tube bender, we need to regularly add oil to the chain and other sliding parts, which is to extend the service life of the bender. In addition, the machine should be kept clean, special attention should be paid to the clamping block, slider and other sliding groove should not have foreign objects, in the cleaning and maintenance of the tube bender must be disconnected from the power supply.



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