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Why use a hydraulic pipe bending machine?

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Hydraulic transmission is an important industrial technology, since the end of the 18th century in Britain made the world's first hydraulic press, hydraulic transmission technology has a history of two or three hundred years. However, it wasn't until the 1930s that it really took off. Today, hydraulic drives play a vital role in a number of fields. The use of hydraulic drive technology in machinery simplifies the structure of the machine and thus increases the efficiency of the equipment. The product we are presenting today is related to hydraulic transmission and it is the hydraulic pipe bender.


  • The reasons for using a hydraulic pipe bending machine.

  • Market demand for hydraulic pipe bending machine.

  • The main advantages of hydraulic pipe bending machine.


1. The reasons for using a hydraulic pipe bending machine.


Hydraulic pipe bender mainly adopts the hydraulic transmission method. The hydraulic drive has many advantages, such as reducing the quality of the machine, reducing material consumption, reducing manufacturing costs, reducing labour intensity, improving efficiency and reliability of work. Under the same power conditions, the hydraulic transmission device is small, light weight and compact. This series of advantages is also the hydraulic pipe bender is widely used.


2. Market demand for hydraulic pipe bending machine.


After decades of development, China's pipe bender has formed a more complete manufacturing cluster and a reasonable industrial chain, better meet the needs of the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, to promote the process of industrialization in China. In recent years, with the gradual expansion of the scale of the hydraulic pipe bender, hydraulic pipe bender types are becoming more and more. Among the typical representatives are hydraulic big tube bender, hydraulic rectangular tube bender and so on, different kinds of hydraulic bender corresponds to different use scenarios. In the future, the demand for hydraulic tube benders is expected to grow even more.


3. The main advantages of hydraulic pipe bending machine.


  • High working efficiency

The structure of the hydraulic pipe bender is simple. During operation, the hydraulic drive can easily achieve stepless speed regulation, a large range of speed regulation, and the speed can be adjusted during the operation of the system.


  • High safety

Hydraulic pipe bender has a strong safety, hydraulic system to facilitate the realization of overload protection, our hydraulic pipe bender is equipped with many safety protection features, such as circuit protection. As the moving parts in the hydraulic components are working in the oil, can self-lubrication, so the components have a long service life.


  • Compact structure

The installation of the hydraulic tube bender has great flexibility and can easily constitute a complex system that is difficult to compose with other transmission methods.


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