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What should pipe bending machine be used in

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There is a wide range of machinery and equipment, and when machinery and equipment is in operation, some of its components and even itself can carry out different forms of mechanical movement, machinery and equipment mainly rely on kinetic and mechanical energy to run. Today we would like to introduce the machinery and equipment is the pipe bender, a kind of equipment used to bend the pipe. Bending and forming new processes and a variety of advanced CNC pipe bending machines continue to emerge, for the pipe bending production injected a strong support, it represents a new generation of industrial technology.


  • What are the pipe bending machine applications?

  • The common types of pipe bending machine.

  • Market situation for pipe benders.


1. What are the pipe bending machine applications?


Tube bender products are widely used in many fields such as aviation, construction, power engineering, petrochemical, and large manufacturing industries. In addition to being used to bend pipes, the pipe bender can also be used as a hydraulic jack. This means that it is also mainly used in factories, mines, transport and other departments as a vehicle repair and other lifting and support work. In addition to this, the CNC pipe bender is equipped with a direct drive rack and pinion and servo motor, giving the system high precision and reliability.


2. The common types of pipe bending machine.


  • Hydraulic pipe benders

The hydraulic pipe bender is a common pipe bender with a reasonable structure, safe to use and easy to operate. It combines with machines, hydraulics and electricity. It is less expensive, but the work efficiency is a little lower compared to CNC pipe benders.


  • CNC pipe bender

CNC pipe bender with automatic positioning of self-calibrating pressure for fast setting, it is very efficient, but a little more expensive. It is worth noting that CNC pipe benders can also be divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic CNC pipe benders according to the degree of automation.


  • 3D bending machine

3D pipe bender, breakthrough traditional three-dimensional bending process limitations, free modelling. From the design concept, 3D pipe bender for round, square, shaped tubes and industrial aluminium profiles of three-dimensional bending, but also to achieve axis twist bending.


In addition to the above-mentioned benders, common types of benders are single-headed benders. Different types of benders correspond to different use scenarios and prices. In addition, the bender is divided into a standard type and a return type depending on the base structure. The bender is very customisable and can be divided into full cycle, half cycle and selective operation.


3. Market situation for pipe benders.

The development history of pipe bending machine is very long, as China's CNC processing technology and industrial developed countries there is still a considerable distance, therefore, many enterprises have introduced foreign advanced CNC pipe bending equipment. With the gradual maturity of industrial technology, the market demand for pipe bending machines is also increasing. At present, the bending and forming of new processes and a variety of advanced bending machines continue to emerge. It is expected that in the future, there will be more and more types of pipe bending machines.


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