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What is the influence of the pipe bending machine?

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The pipe bender is a very common industrial equipment, in addition to bending the bent pipe, it can also be used as a jack. The development of the pipe bender represents an advance in industrial technology. With the development of the times, there are more and more types of pipe benders, such as hydraulic pipe benders, automatic pipe benders, and CNC pipe benders, different types of pipe benders have different characteristics and use scenarios. Today, we will do a brief introduction and analysis of the bender.


·How the pipe bender works?

·The importance of using a pipe bending machine.

·The impact of tube benders on modern industry.


How the pipe bender works?


There is no chemical reaction in the working process of the pipe bender, only the process of mutual transformation of kinetic and potential energy. The bender is powered by a high-pressure oil output from an electric oil pump, which is sent into the working cylinder via a high-pressure oil pipe. The high-pressure oil pushes the plunger in the working cylinder and generates a force. Under the influence of the force, the bending part will bend the tube, thus allowing the tube to become the desired shape.


The importance of using a pipe bending machine.



Safety is the first consideration in modern industry. Our tube benders are equipped with advanced features such as part bending rebound compensation, error self-diagnostic alarms, storage after power failure, automatic lubrication, and safety protection. What's more, error messages are displayed on the screen to help the operator eliminate safety risks in the first place.


·Easy to operate

The bending machine is simple to operate, taking the automatic bending machine as an example, the automatic bending machine screen is a combination of touch screen and CNC module construction, and many automatic bending machines can also achieve human-machine dialogue, programming has become a less difficult task. In other words, the use of new bending machines can greatly improve efficiency.


The main advantages of the pipe bender. It should be noted that in the course of work, attention should also be paid to adjusting the position of the bender's parts and angular requirements so that the inverted die compression cylinder can tighten the iron pipe. When starting the oil pump to check the bender's system pressure value situation. Too high a pressure can lead to damage to the hydraulic components of the bender and also consume too much power. These considerations will affect the efficiency of the bender.


The impact of tube benders on modern industry.


There is no doubt that the influence of pipe benders on industrial society is now so great that it is seen in almost every large manufacturing industry. The bender is a combination of Chinese and Western technology and its mass production reflects not only increased social demand but also advances in industrial technology. There are many types of pipe benders, single head benders, digital benders, stainless steel benders, 3D benders, hydraulic benders, etc. Now the domestic automatic bender equipment stock is larger, so the price is also relatively low, compared to more advanced CNC bending equipment, automatic bender now occupies the main position in the domestic bender market. We also provide Aluminum pipe bender , Automatic pipe bending machines, click here now!





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