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Type of pipe bending machine

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The pipe bender is a necessary equipment for modern industry, it has many categories, different types of pipe bender has different characteristics. This article will list several common types of pipe bender, the bender to do a brief introduction to the analysis. At the same time, the applications and characteristics of different types of benders will also be introduced in this article.


·The common types of pipe bending machine.

·The operation of pipe benders.

·The reasons for using a pipe bending machine.


The common types of pipe bending machine.


The pipe bender is used in electric power construction, public railway construction, bridge, ship and other aspects of pipe laying and repair. It has many types, as listed below:


·Single head bender

Single head bender with only 1 head, this bender is also one of the most common benders, its most important feature is the compact design and simple operation.


·Hydraulic pipe bender

Hydraulic tube benders combine machine, hydraulics and electricity. The series features a VDU touch screen operating panel which allows the input, storage and display of various bending data and operates very intelligently. It is worth noting that it is inexpensive compared to CNC bending machines.


·Stainless steel benders

Stainless steel bending machines are not a specific product, but a major differentiating category. In general, stainless steel benders can be broadly divided into CNC bending machines, hydraulic bending machines, etc. The structural design of stainless steel makes this category of benders very durable.


In short, there are many types of pipe bender, the specific type of choice can be selected according to the specific circumstances. In general, our pipe benders have all the functions required for a pipe bender, are more reasonable and complete in their structure and functional arrangement, and have simple operating procedures and high safety.


The operation of pipe benders.


The operation of the pipe bender is not complicated and is designed with an intelligent system. When using the pipe bender, the working cylinder is first screwed into the internal threads of the square file block, so that the rear end of the cylinder is mounted on the bracket with the wheels down. According to the outer diameter of the pipe to be bent to select the die head, the two rollers corresponding to the slot towards the die head, and then into the corresponding size of the splat hole.


In the next step, the bent pipe will be inserted into the slot, and then the high-pressure oil pipe end of the quick connector part of the activity to pull back and set on the working cylinder connector, the electric oil pump on the oil release screw screw tight, you can complete the bend. In addition to bending, the bender can also use the cylinder as a hydraulic jack.


The reasons for using a pipe bending machine.


The bender has many advantages, such as compact design, easy operation and high safety. The intelligent design makes it so obvious that when some kind of fault occurs in the cnc pipe bending machine, the operator can very easily spot it on the screen and immediately troubleshoot the situation.We also provide cnc pipe bending machine, electric pipe bending machine, want to know more? Click here.



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