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The history of pipe bending machine

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With the innovation and development of society, there is an increasing demand for all kinds of equipment. Different machinery and equipment are beginning to appear in different scenarios, and the product we are introducing today is an essential piece of equipment for modern industry, it is a pipe bender.


·The development history of the pipe bending machine

·The common categories of pipe bending machine.

·Market demand for pipe benders


The development history of pipe bending machine


Bender in China's development process has roughly gone through several stages:


·Mid-20th century

Bender into the Chinese market in the 1950s, due to the needs of society at the time, China began to produce benders in the country, but the bender is relying on cams or a large gear amplitude drive to drive the slider to die, this machine has low efficiency, high noise, and the bending force generated by a large limit. But the concept of this bender also provided the pavement for the development of later bending machines.


·The 1980s

With the gradual opening up of China, advanced manufacturing methods from abroad began to be introduced into China, and hydraulic technology was applied to pipe bending machines. This also enabled the bender to solve the problem of high noise and low efficiency.


·After the 21st century

With the development of intelligent technology, fully automatic pipe bending machines began to appear. The bender series uses a VDU touch screen operating panel, under the precise control of the industrial control machine, the three-movement coordinates Y, B, C can achieve a fully automatic mandrel.


The above is the main development history of the pipe bender, which has taken decades to develop into the technical features it is today. GMACC has strict quality control for each pipe bender and strives to make the product and service the best it can be. Our pipe benders are of welded construction, and their simple, compact design also reduces operating costs to a certain extent.


The common categories of pipe bending machine.


The types of pipe benders include single head benders, digital benders, stainless steel benders, 3D benders, hydraulic benders, etc. Different types of benders have different working and technical characteristics and need to be selected according to the customer's needs. It is important to note that any pipe bender has operational considerations. We recommend that before using the bender to check whether the bender's various institutional components are loose, whether the need to add lubricant, safety guards to check whether the normal.


Market demand for pipe benders


With the gradual maturation of industrial technology, the social demand for pipe bending machines is also increasing. Because the bender has a series of characteristics such as easy to use, compact design, high safety, and intelligent operation. So many characteristics make the pipe bender the primary choice for many companies. In addition to bending, it can also remove the bending components as a separate hydraulic jacking machine use. Some experts predict that, according to future market demand, there will be more and more types of pipe benders, 3d tube bending machine, hydraulic tube bending machine.



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