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How to use a hydraulic pipe bending machine safely?

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Hydraulic pipe bender a new type of pipe bending tool with bending function and topping function. With a reasonable structure, convenient operation, reasonable price and numerous other advantages. As the scale of industry gradually expanded, the use of hydraulic pipe bender scenarios are more and more. However, many people do not know how to properly use the hydraulic pipe bender. This article will combine some of the use of hydraulic pipe bender use precautions, hydraulic pipe bender to do a simple analysis and introduction.


  • The hydraulic pipe bending machine applications.

  • How to use a hydraulic pipe bending machine safely?

  • Factors affecting the normal operation of the Hydraulic pipe bender.


1. The hydraulic pipe bending machine applications.


Hydraulic pipe bender is mainly used in factories, warehouses, docks, construction, railways, it has a very wide range of applications, almost all manufacturing industries use hydraulic pipe bender. Different types of hydraulic pipe benders have different lengths of use, for example, hydraulic exhaust pipe bending machine is generally used to bend exhaust pipes, this hydraulic pipe bender is generally used in the repair of cars, locomotives, motorbikes, ships. More importantly, hydraulic pipe bending machine price also has a great relationship with the type.


2. How to use a hydraulic pipe bending machiner safely?


  • Grounding

For industrial equipment, good earthing is essential to ensure the normal operation of the electrical system. Machine tools must be well grounded, not allowed to access supply voltages that exceed the specified range, and not plugged in or unplugged with electricity, as this may damage the devices or even cause safety accidents.


  • Maintain cleanliness

Any mechanical equipment needs to be cleaned regularly, hydraulic bender machine tools should adhere to the clean, extra attention should be paid to the clamping block, slider and other sliding groove should not have foreign objects to prevent equipment failure situation.


It is necessary to follow the instructions when operating the hydraulic pipe bender. When plugging and unplugging connectors, do not pull the wire or cable to prevent the weld from pulling off. Hydraulic bending machine according to the degree of automation there are hydraulic cnc pipe bending machine and hydraulic NC pipe bending machine, but the overall operation steps are similar.


3. Factors affecting the normal operation of the pipe bender.


Hydraulic pipe bender bending wrinkling is a normal phenomenon, which is related to your pipe wall thickness, bending radius, such as want to reduce or try to remove this phenomenon has the following measures. For example, filling sand to the tube, the tube in advance of the flexible bending shaft and control the working frequency and speed.


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