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How to make pipe bending machine

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Roller bending machine is a product which is concerned with the technology of mechanics of material, elastic-plastic and control technology. This article will introduce the structure of the roller bending machine  in detail so that you can know how it is produced.


- Components of the pipe bending machine

- Technical aspects of pipe bender

- Bending principle of pipe bender



Components of the pipe bending machine


1. The rocker arm, its function is to ensure that the bending radius of the elbow meets the requirements, and its clamping seat is to limit the rebound of the steel pipe during the tube bending process.


2. The pumping station is divided into two parts: high pressure and low pressure to provide power for the opening and closing of the guide roller, the rocker arm clamping seat cylinder, the opening and closing of the trolley chuck of the pushing device, and the opening and closing of the straightening roller.


3. The guide roller device is composed of two groups of guide rollers, a frame and a clamping transmission system. The opening and closing of the guide roller is completed by hydraulic drive, and its function is to complete the horizontal bending of the steel pipe together with the rocker arm.


4. The driving device is the power source of the pushing device.


5. Straightening roller. It prevents vertical deformation during the bending process, and is used in conjunction with a floating anti-ellipse fixture to ensure that the ellipticity of the steel pipe after bending meets the requirements.


6. The pushing device (consisting of the trolley, bed, drive shaft, traction chain, etc.) pushes the steel pipe forward, and the steel pipe is bent under the action of the rocker arm and the guide roller.



Technical aspects of pipe bender


The bending machine performs the bending of the pipe and the bending of the sheet. In the case of pure bending, when a tube with an outer diameter of D and a wall thickness of t is bent under the action of an external moment M, the outer tube wall of the neutral layer is subjected to tensile stress σ1, and the tube wall becomes thinner; the inner tube of the neutral layer The wall is subjected to tensile stress σ1, and the pipe wall becomes thicker. Moreover, the cross-sectional shape changes from a circular shape to an approximately elliptical shape due to the combined forces F1 and F2. When the deformation is too large, cracks will occur on the outer tube wall and wrinkles on the inner tube wall.


The degree of deformation of the pipe bender depends on the relative bending radius R/D and the relative thickness t/D. The smaller the value of R/D and t/D, the greater the degree of deformation. In order to ensure the quality of pipe fittings, the degree of deformation must be controlled within the allowable range. The bending limit of pipes not only depends on the mechanical properties of the material and the bending method, but also considers the use requirements of the pipe.



Bending principle of pipe bender


The bending principle of the pipe bender, under normal circumstances, has the following two situations, namely roll bending and winding.


Both have their advantages and disadvantages:

The winding type is mainly used for the bending of square pipes and its structure is complicated, while the roll bending type is mainly used for the bending of round pipes and can also be used for square pipe bending but not as good as the winding type, but the structure is simple. Therefore, the steel bending machine adopts the roll bending type.


The steps for bending the pipe are roughly:

1. Leave the length of the first straight section and clamp the pipe.


2. Bending.


3. Loosen the clamping block, take out the tube, and reset the mold. Check the tube shape on the inspection fixture according to the tube shape standard sample and correct it.


4. Repeat step 1 until the pipe is bent.


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