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How to Build a Pipe Bending Machine

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Inadequate electricity is a serious impediment to the development of the national economy. The experience of countries around the world shows that the development rate of electricity production should be higher than that of other sectors to promote the coordinated development of the national economy. The product we are going to introduce today is related to electric power engineering, it is an essential prop in electric power construction, it is a pipe bender.


·The Components of a Pipe Bending Machine.

·The technical characteristics of pipe bender.

·The related precautions for using a Pipe Bending Machine.


The Components of a Pipe Bending Machine.


The main components of the bender are alloy core head, IF coil holder, IF coil, outlet holder, auxiliary rod, push plate door, hydraulic open door cylinder, and a series of other components. The IF unit adopts an analog control and low current starting method, which to a certain extent avoids the danger caused by misoperation. Our pipe bending machine, which uses hydraulic, electric, and other methods for steel pipe bending electronic equipment has a reasonable structure, convenient operation, and other characteristics.


During the working process, the cylinder advances and pushes the plate forward, with the production tube placed in front of the plate also advancing. The pushing plate rolls forward on the base frame track, with auxiliary rods on both sides to help guide the product, so that the accuracy of the product can be determined.


The technical characteristics of pipe bender.



The bending machine is mainly controlled by an intelligent system, while the bending process uses mechanical force to push the pipe or tube of stock material into the mold, forcing the pipe or tube to conform to the shape of the mold. The bender is not complicated to operate and is equipped with safety features to ensure its safety.



There are many types of pipe benders, including automatic benders, pipe benders, single-head benders, 3D benders, and so on, which operators can choose from on a case-by-case basis.


In addition to the type of material and the thickness of the tube wall, there are many other factors to consider when making a tube bender. For example, too high a pressure can lead to damage to the bender's hydraulic components and can also consume too much power. Too low pressure can lead to improper start-up and affect operation. For this reason, we do not recommend making your own pipe bender, also for safety and efficiency reasons. After all, a pipe bender is a cost-effective product.


The related precautions for using a Pipe Bending Machine.


Any mechanical equipment needs to be cleaned regularly, and pipe benders are no exception. When using the bender, the machine should be kept clean, with special attention to the clamping block, slider and other sliding grooves should not have foreign objects. At the same time, regular lubrication in the chain and other sliding parts, is to ensure the efficiency of the bender.


As pipe benders have been on the Chinese market for decades, there is a full range of benders on the market today. Therefore, there is no need for users to assemble the bender by themselves, they can buy different types of benders according to their needs, and different types of benders correspond to different use scenarios and features. If you want to know more about 3d tube bending machine, hydraulic tube bending machine, just click here now.



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