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How does a pipe bending machine work?

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With the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, not only led to the development of related industries, but also for the required tube bending manufacturing demand has greatly exceeded people's expectations, the market for tube bending process requirements are also increasing, requiring the first to meet the continuous upgrading of the bus, followed by a bright appearance and beautiful curvature, this paper in line with the innovative attitude of the pipe bender to make an introduction.


• Classification and scope of application of the pipe bender

• The working process of the tube bender

• The working principle of the pipe bender



Classification and scope of application of the pipe bender


The classification of the pipe bender:


• According to the steel bending machine heating, it is divided into: cold pipe bender and hot push pipe bender

• According to the transmission mode, there are 4 types: pneumatic, manual, mechanical and hydraulic transmission.

• There are 4 types of control methods: manual, semi-automatic, automatic and numerical control.


The bender is generally classified according to the control method, the following is introduced one by one:

- Manual control of the roller bending machine: manual control of the pipe bender: manual pipe bender is the use of a simple bending device on the pipe bending process. It does not require special pipe bending equipment, pipe bending device manufacturing costs are low, easy to adjust the use, but labor intensity, low productivity, mainly used in single-piece, small batch production.

- Semi-automatic control of the pipe bender: generally automatic control of the pipe bending angle, mainly used in small batch production.

- Automatic control of the tube bender: the size pre-selection mechanism and feed carts and program control system for automatic control of the entire process of pipe bending (feeding, bending, and space corner), this higgle machine is generally hydraulic drive, servo motor control, high productivity, but large upfront investment, and is not suitable for the pipe size parameters are variable occasions, suitable for mass production.

- CNC pipe bender: according to the size of the parts map, the input data to achieve fully automatic control of the bending process, it is suitable for mass production, especially the pipe size parameters changeable occasions.


The working process of the tube bender


Radian gradient radian tube, because of its radius of curvature is not uniform, and its material for the strength of the larger rectangular tube, while the quality of its bending system qualified or not, directly related to the subsequent processes, such as glass and external decorative parts of the assembly and other aspects, so the bending system technical requirements are higher. In the past, the bus manufacturing, generally better skilled workers with an oxyacetylene torch supplemented by other tools to complete the manual, although the system can be, but the problem is obvious: a. The workers labor intensity; b. The quality of the bent system, and the quality of the bent system, directly related to the follow-up process, such as the assembly of glass and exterior parts, so the bent system technical requirements. Worker labor intensity; c. Low efficiency, difficult to form a batch; d. The radius tube bending system is not good or bad. Radial tube bending system is good or bad, affected by the degree of their technology and experience.


This method is only suitable for trial production or small batch production requirements, for the production of larger quantities of passenger cars is not suitable. Therefore, the enterprise must have bending equipment that is compatible with the output. Hydraulic profiling pipe bender is precisely with its simple operation, good quality bending, suitable for mass production and other advantages will soon be favored by bus enterprises.


The working principle of the pipe bender


First of all, after the end of the preparation procedure (including the installation module, leaning wheel, dynamic fixed wheel, etc.), press the start switch on the control panel, so that the rectangular tube in the upper material bracket top force (hydraulic system force) along the hydraulic system slide rail from the A side gradually pushed to the B side and the top material bracket contact, while the module group also with the hydraulic system slide rail pushed to the B side, the system under the role of limit switch to stop the movement, on the If the system is in good condition, the bending procedure is carried out: the bending switch is pressed, the wheel I rises to contact the module 4.


Since the pipe bender has the advantages that other ordinary pipe benders do not have, it will become very popular now because high efficiency determines everything. And now it is still slowly researching more advanced machines, because people are constantly improving. The same, the machines are also slowly improving, becoming more intelligent and simpler. Zhangjiagang King-Macc Machinery Manufacturing Company can provide you with the best products including Pipe Cutting MachineChamfering Machine.



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