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Functions and applications of the hydraulic pipe bending machine

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Hydraulics is a term used in the mechanical industry, electromechanical industry. Hydraulics can be used as a power transmission method to become a hydraulic transmission. Hydraulics can also be used as a control method called hydraulic control. Hydraulic transmission is used in machinery to simplify the structure of the machine and reduce its mass. Today we want to introduce the product is to take advantage of the advantages of hydraulic transmission, it is the hydraulic pipe bender.


  • The main functions of hydraulic pipe bending machine.

  • The related considerations about using a pipe bending machine.

  • The characteristics of hydraulic cnc tube benders.


1. The main functions of hydraulic pipe bending machine.


Hydraulic pipe bender is a kind of bending pipe can also do jack with the equipment, mainly used in the application of electric power construction, public railway construction, bridges, ships and other aspects of pipeline laying and repair. Hydraulic bender hydraulic components can be used between the pipe connection, or the use of integrated connection, its layout, installation has a lot of flexibility.


2. The related considerations about using a pipe bending machine.


  • Regularisation of tube shapes

In the operation of the hydraulic pipe bender down to avoid too large arc. The reason is that too large arc not only makes the tooling bulky, and by the bender machine size restrictions, greatly hindering the mechanization, automation production, thus affecting the efficiency of the hydraulic pipe bender.


  • Controlling the bend radius

The size of the bend radius of the conduit determines the amount of resistance the conduit is subjected to when bending and forming. Generally speaking, a large tube diameter with a small bending radius is prone to internal wrinkling and slippage when bending, a factor that needs attention.


  • Maintenance

Regularly lubricate the chain and other sliding parts of the hydraulic pipe bender, which is also to ensure that the efficiency of the hydraulic pipe bender is not affected.


Hydraulic pipe bender has many advantages, but during the transport of hydraulic pipe bender, it may lead to greater energy loss, lower transmission efficiency, but also unsuitable for long-distance transmission. Therefore, regular maintenance of the hydraulic pipe bender is important. In addition, the hydraulic bender's electrical box must be placed in a ventilated place, prohibiting work in dust and corrosive gases.


3. The main functions of hydraulic pipe bending machine.


The hydraulic cnc tube bender is a combination of CNC technology and traditional tube bending processes, it is a more automated hydraulic tube bender. It emerged with the development of the machine tool industry. Its high degree of automation, high efficiency, suitable for fast and accurate bending of complex space bending parts, but the price is higher than the general hydraulic tube bender.


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