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Development history of pipe bending machine

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Nowadays, with the vigorous development of the processing industry, the demand for pipe bending machines is increasing because of their high efficiency, processing capacity and accuracy compared to other general pipe bending machines. The bender's range of advantages makes it a prime choice for modern businesses. Today, we will do a brief introduction and analysis of the bender through the history of the development of the bender.


·Development history of pipe bending machine

·The main characteristics of tube bender.

·The pipe bending machine applications.


Development history of pipe bending machine


·The Bronze Age

Tube bender processing process, from the bronze age began to sprout, and gradually formed and developed. From the Yin Shang to the Spring and Autumn period there has been a fairly developed bronze smelting and casting industry appeared a variety of bronze tools. However, due to the technical limitations of the time, each time a pipe was bent it cost a great deal of money.


·The 1990s

In the rapid development of the industrial economy since the 1990s, infrastructure construction plant, equipment, transport facilities demand has increased sharply, the demand for a variety of metal pipes has been far from satisfied. At the same time, China's pipe bender began precisely the mass production of pipe bender, but because of the backwardness of China's productivity at the time, China began to cooperate with Western countries. Through the cooperation with Western countries, the technology of our pipe bending machines gradually matured. Nowadays, China's machine tool manufacturing has also largely matured, especially in general machine tools.


As the traditional two-dimensional bender has been unable to meet the complex industrial needs, there is now a rich variety of bending machines. For the bender, the machine tool is the carrier of advanced manufacturing technology, mechanical product quality, update speed, resilience, efficiency to a considerable extent depends on the machine tool.


The main characteristics of tube bender.


·Intelligent operation

The tube bender offers its own developed coordinate conversion values for tube bending, with optional software for editing and calculation on a desktop computer. Today's tube benders are touch-screen and CNC modules, with dialogue-based operation for easy programming.


·Highly efficient work

The Y, B and C motion coordinates are fully automatic with the Y, B and C coordinates under the precise control of the IPC, allowing for rapid bending with the mandrel open or closed, resulting in a high level of efficiency. In addition, the bender has a long service life and is very durable. It is worth noting that the screen of the automatic tube bender is constructed with a combination of touch screen and CNC module, which allows the user to troubleshoot operational problems at any time through the screen display.


These are the main advantages of the pipe bender. In summary, the processing of pipe bending machines is constantly progressing, and in the future it is even more important to improve the development. In the future, it is expected that there will be new technology bending machine.


The pipe bending machine applications.


From the performance, the pipe bender is roughly divided into CNC pipe bender, hydraulic pipe bender, etc., mainly used in the application of electric power construction, public railway construction, bridges, ships and other aspects of pipe laying and repair. Bender can not only be used to, bend the pipe can also be used as a jack. Now the domestic automatic pipe bender equipment stock is large, so the price is also relatively low, it is fully functional also makes it a wide range of applications.We also provide CNC pipe bending machine, Aluminum pipe bender.



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