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Attributes of double head bending machine

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The hydraulic pipe bending machine has ages of development, through this Bronze Age, the Industrial Revolution, and many other eras, before the bender features a mature system today. Benders play a huge role in modern industry, there are several types of benders, such as automatic benders, pipe benders, guide book benders, electric benders, and so forth, the operator can choose reported by the specific circumstances. Today we wish to introduce the double scalp bending machine.

  • What's the double head bending machine?

  • The main advantages of any double head bending device.

  • The difference between solo tube bender and two times tube bender.

1. What's any double head bending machines?

Double-headed bender a higher production bender, its biggest feature is the application of double-headed stacked into your structure, able to carry out two bends at the same time. The head elbow machine is ideal for high production bending in both ends. It may be valued at noting that the double-headed bender is usually operated in either computerized or manual mode along with has separate speed manipulate on both sides. When browsing with a double head bender, we recommend that the bending speed from the conduit is determined to get 20-40% of the maximum bending speed with the machine is appropriate.

The key advantages of a dual head bending machine.

  • Free adjustment

 Like other pipe benders, your double-headed bender has an adjustable bending angle, by 0 to 180 amounts. Its most important feature is always that both sides can end up being set to different degrees of bending, enabling multiple tubes that they are bent at once, plus the bending angle can be adjusted for the same angle or not one but two independent angles.

  • Full features

 With features such while automatic bundle loading plus in-line transfer machine integration, the double-head bender is the prime choice for high-speed twisting of symmetrical tubular segments, which can be adjusted in time between each movement. Double-head benders are generally used for many grammar of car seat casings, handles, furniture and frames and may be tooled to bend different contours.

  • High accuracy

 The double-headed bender includes a high degree of precision and is equipped with auxiliary rods on equally sides to act while guides for positioning and forming the item with greater precision. Along with our double-headed benders, you are able to control the controls necessary to perform precise bending, making excellent work jump out.

These are the main features of the double-headed bender, that is a fully automated input, CNC-controlled, very accurate, and also efficient compressor. Before buying a pipe bender, it is advisable to know the characteristics of each style of bender, only then on earth do you make full use of which.

3. The difference between single tube bender and two times tube bender.

Compared in order to single-head benders, double-head benders include higher efficiency, but the value is a little increased.

Double-headed bender and single-headed bender with the appearance and performance of any large difference, single-headed bender only one machine, generally used to help bend asymmetric bending products and solutions. On the contrary, the double-headed bender has 2 symmetrical bending machine leads, can be used to try out symmetrical bending products.



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