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Single-Head Steel Tube Bending Machine (GM-SB-50NCB)

  • GM-SB-50NCB
  • 8462219000

Product Description

The series was adapted in particular to professional world market requirements. All the parts, structure and characters are similar to the standard of mechanical engineering from Europe. Our professional experience and drawings plans for Electric, Electronic, Hydraulic and mechanical from known companies bring to upgrading of the machines' systems to accurate and attractive performance.

Full hydraulic drove, PLC controlled with touch screen pipe bending machine, equipped with devices of pipe clamping, guide mould, mandrel, crease-resistant, assist pushing, pipe bending and so on. Under hydraulic operation, this professional, high speed and economic European pipe bending machine can bend various dimension both normal and abnormal shape metal pipes and bending angles are controlled by high precision imported encoder which ensures high precision of this machine.

1. Applicable tube material: Carbons steel, mild steel, soft steel, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy, copper, brass etc.
2. Applicable tube shape: Tube, solid bar, square, rectangle, oval, profile etc
3. Controlled through PLC and possesses manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic functions.
4. Equipped with hydraulic-operated clamping tube, encoder-controlled bending angle with precision more or less 0.1 degree.
5. About 200 programs can be inputted into PLC, then show on dialogue-style operation touch screen, easy to learn and understand.
6. Various Touch screen language are available for choice as per request.
7. Adoption of hydraulic valve and oil way board can control actions individually to prolong the lifespan of hydraulic parts.
8. Guiding module has auxiliary pushing function and at the same time it possesses reiteration and entering repeat functions that can make the guiding module length shorten.
9. Counter function can accurately count work piece's quantity and save data whether on power-on or power-off situation.
10. Auto lubrication system to protect components and improve the working life of machine;
11. Possess automatic error detection function and limit protecting function, removing or changing faults easily and quickly.
12. Moveable foot switch with function of auto-start, pause and emergent-shop, safe and convenient.
13. Optional function of core reversing slowly.
14. Optional function of slow bending.
15. Optional function of anticipated mandrel extraction.

Name Unit   Parameter
Max. Bending Capacity mm 50*2
Bending Radius Range mm 20-250
Max. Bending Angle ° 190°
Though Effective Distance mm 2200
Bending Speed ° /sec 45
Bending Precision ° ± 0.10
System Motor Power KW 5.5
Oil Pump Delivery Volume L 17
Max. Pressure Mpa 16
L*W*H (Packaging Dimension) mm 3000*800*1300
Machine Weight T 1.8

Configuration of Hydraulic and Electronic Control System

Name Manufacturer
Hydraulic Motor Taiwan Guangyuan(Imported)
Hydraulic Pump Japan Yuken(Imported)
Hydraulic Valve Japan Yuken(Imported)
Oil way Board Taiwan Shanghong (Imported)
Cylinder Shanghai Jingsheng
Oil tube Taiwan TATUNG(Imported)
Touch screen Taiwan Delta, Japan Mitsubishi(Imported)
PLC Taiwan Delta, Japan Mitsubishi(Imported)
Angle controller Japan  Omron(Imported)
Switch power Taiwan Mean Well(Imported)
Contactor Taiwan SHIHLIN(Imported)
Other Electric Parts German SCHNEIDER, Omron, Taiwan SHILIN(Imported)

Single-Head Steel Tube Bending Machine (GM-SB-50NCB)
Single-Head Steel Tube Bending Machine (GM-SB-50NCB)
Single-Head Steel Tube Bending Machine (GM-SB-50NCB)
Single-Head Steel Tube Bending Machine (GM-SB-50NCB)
Single-Head Steel Tube Bending Machine (GM-SB-50NCB)



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